Clutter-Free Forever


Have you ever toured an older home and marveled at the lack of closet space?  If you've considered buying one of these vintage abodes, it may have even given you pause, or perhaps even have been the reason you ultimately turned away.  Where on earth would you keep all your stuff? Even in newer homes [...]

The 40 Hanger Closet


Maybe it's a girl thing, or maybe it is just a "me" thing, but when my closet is organized, my life just feels a little less chaotic.   Despite my best efforts, there are simply times where life gets hectic and it is easier to close the door than to keep it tidy.  Thus, I [...]

Just Call Me Superwoman {4 Simple Rules for Managing Your Time}


 I woke up this past Monday ready to start my week with a bang.  I  had spent the weekend getting caught up after last week’s trip, and by 8am I had already finished my work for the day, returned several neglected emails, handed in a writing assignment, tidied my house, put in a load of [...]

Organize Your Bathroom {Day 13}


This is the thirteenth day of my 31 Days of Living Well & Spending Zero challenge.  To read all the posts in order, start with Day One or visit the Overview Page.  *   *   * There is no room I dread cleaning more than the bathroom.  Ugh!  It’s not really the daily cleaning [...]

Organize Your Bedroom Closet {Day 12}


This is the twelfth day of my 31 Days of Living Well & Spending Zero challenge.  To read all the posts in order, start with Day One or visit the Overview Page.  *   *   * We've only got 2 days left of cleaning projects and then we are going to move on to [...]

Why I Took My Kids’ Toys Away (& Why They Won’t Get Them Back)


As some of you already know, I've been on a mission this year to simplify my family's life and rid ourselves of excess.  Over the course of the past nine months I have probably given away about 75 percent of my girls' toys, keeping only the items that I felt encouraged their imagination and that [...]

10 Thrifty Ideas for Getting Organized

How to Organize Cords and Cables

I am headed off to NYC (for the first time EVER!) this morning to attend Save Up '11 with my fellow DealPros. Can I just tell you how excited I am?  Tomorrow all 50 of us will be posting our unique Savings Stories on our respective blogs, so be sure to come back and [...]

5 Simple Strategies For Staying Organized


If you are anything like me, the concept of home organization is a journey, not a destination.  Over the years, I have bought lots of books on the subject, some better than others. (For the record, in my opinion the hands-down best, most life changing book on organization I have read thus far is The [...]

The Snowball Effect


Remember this? It is the armoire I planned to organize as one of my monthly goals, way back in September. And then again in October.  And November.  And December.  Until finally  in January I just stopped making monthly goals. It used to be our "home office" and it looked like this inside: Then we started [...]

5 Strategies for Keeping Kid Chaos Under Control


The older I get, the more of a neat freak I become.  This is most unfortunate because kids are messy.  Really messy.  It would've been so much easier if I could've started neat and learned to relax by the time I had kids.  But I can't.  I love my kids, but I hate the messes [...]