Today we are welcoming Heather & Angela from Sports Mom Survival Guide, who are sharing an easy and creative way to make a Rolling Slushie Stand to keep all the neighbors cool & refreshed.

 Hi LWSL readers we are Angela and Heather from Sports Mom Survival Guide, where we share “first string” ideas for busy families!! I don’t know about you, but my kids are hitting the age where they want to earn money. My oldest is all about setting up lemonade stands on the weekends and while she does tend to get a few neighbors who stop by (mostly just to be nice) she doesn’t have too many customers. One day she had the brilliant idea to take her stand down to the neighborhood pool…one thing lead to another and we had our Rolling Slushy Stand.

Because everyone knows a kid can’t resist a slushie! 😉

This easy DIY slushie stand is a perfect project for the summer that your kids will love

Here is what you need to Make the Rolling Slushy Stand:

 a rolling cooler
large cardboard boxes
paint (we chose chalkboard paint)
foam brush
zip ties
razor knife
2-3 rolls of wrapping paper rolls or fabric  bolt rolls
(you can get empty fabric bolts rolls from any fabric store)
duct tape
scrap fabric
*metal washers and glue optional
Use our simple directions below to make your own Rolling Slushy Stand with your kids!
If you want to make a simpler version, simply modify by leaving off the banner.


A basic cooler is the main house for this DIY slushie stand

Step 1: Open the cardboard to make it flat and bend it around three sides of the cooler. Then mark the height of the lid in the open position.

Measure and cut a piece of cardboard

Step 2: Make a straight line off the mark you just made and cut off the excess cardboard using the razor knife.

paint the outside of the cardboard stand cover

Step 3: Paint the outside of the cardboard surround.

A larger and thinner piece of cardboard will be used for the slushie stand counter

Step 4: For the “counter” we used another large thin, FLATTER box. If you can’t find one, you can make one out a larger box. The top needs to be 3 dimensional so it’s sturdy. Once you have the counter, use the cardboard tube to trace two circles. Each circle needs to be about 3-4 inches from the side and about 5 inches from the front.

Carefully cut circles in the cardboard counter

Step 5:  Use the razor knife to cut out the circle. Don’t cut through to the bottom portion of the box. (Adult job)

Attach fabric to cardboard tubes for the counter top legs

Step 6: Attach a scrap piece of fabric (approx. 4 inches wide and 40 inches long) to the top of both cardboard tubes using a piece of duct tape.

Use chalkboard paint for the cover and let your kids decorate it with chalk

Step 7 (optional): If you used chalkboard paint, make sure you “season” the paint first by completely covering it in chalk then wiping it clean with a damp cloth.

These washers are used to secure the cover to the cooler with zipties

Step 8: Make one hole (big enough to thread the zip ties through), on both side of the cardboard surround. OPTIONAL: glue metal washers around the holes to keep the cardboard from tearing.

Attach the cover around the cooler with zip ties

Step 9: Assemble the stand!! Use zip ties to hold to around the cooler.

Add the counter top to the cooler frame

Step 10: Place the counter on top of the surround, then put the banner poles in each of the holes you cut.

Use the cardboard tubes and fabric for a banner

Step 11: Twist each pole around (winding the fabric) to make the fabric taunt. You might need to add an extra cardboard tube in-between to stabilize it. The tension should hold everything in place.

This DIY slushie stand is ready for business

Now your kids can have fun using this stand all summer long!!

**I added a Dollar Store table cloth to the top of the counter to keep it from getting wet and the kids wrote the flavors and price on the front of the stand with chalk.**

Your kids are in business with this rolling DIY slushie stand

To transport it we just used a bungee cord to hold everything together.

Keep shaved ice in the cooler along with the juice for the slushies

We made the “slushy ice” in advance using a slushie maker and just put it in the cooler, so no power was required. (You could also crush the ice in a blender or food processor.) This stand is holding up really well and should last for a while! 🙂

Make these summer time slushies with juice and shaved ice

This diy slushie stand is a fun way to keep your kids entertained this summer

And now for the giveaway! One lucky reader will their own Summer Slushie Stand package that includes a set of flavored syrups, slushie ice maker, and portable cooler. This fun package has a retail value of approximately $85 and will provide hours of fun this summer! To enter, just follow the instructions in the box below.

Summer fun just got a whole lot better with this diy slushie stand

 *   *   *

What is your favorite slushie flavor?

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