Looking to supercharge your meals? These 8 superfoods will give you more energy right now! Here’s how to add them to your menu.

It’s 5pm, and yet again, you’re exhausted.

You’re also hungry and wondering what on earth you’re going to do about dinner.

Between work and kids and housework and all the other running around you’ve had to do all day, you know you need something to keep you going, but your wallet and your waistline are getting really tired of you grabbing your regular Venti Caramel Macchiato. And honestly, that drink is just a quick-fix solution to your constant exhaustion. You need something that will keep you feeling more alert on a regular basis and improve your overall stamina. You’re absolutely tired of feeling tired.

So what’s the solution?


Believe it or not are some foods that will give you a more sustainable energy boost than that sugar laden espresso drink you cling to like a life raft every day. And you won’t have to dread the inevitable sugar crash that happens when you’re trying to enjoy some quiet time with your favorite book after the kids have gone to bed. Best of all, you can easily incorporate all of these foods into quick, tasty meals that your whole family will love.

8 Foods That Will Give You More Energy Right Now, and How to Add Them to Your Menu

Looking to supercharge your meals? These 8 superfoods will give you more energy right now! Here's how to add them to your menu. #food #superfoods #energy #healthy #health #healthyeating

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Energy Boosters

Sugar-filled drinks are not the most efficient way to get a much needed boost of energy. There are actually multiple foods that can do this for you. These foods not only provide you with the energy you need short-term, but can have long-term benefits to your daily energy levels.

Sugar has a temporary effect on the blood that while it boosts energy in the short-term. It creates an equivalent crash later on. This effect can do major damage to the body through increased insulin production. It’s really a violent roller-coaster the body was never meant to be on.

Although coffee isn’t a bad alternative. It has a similar short-term benefit, albeit without the damaging effects of sugar. It’s really just a short-term solution to a bigger problem.

The benefits of using energy boosting foods as a way to keep you going after a long day are immeasurable. Not only are you getting that kick to help you get through the rest of your day, but you’re getting much needed fiber, vitamins, and minerals! It also has the added benefit of creating an overall long-term energy and stamina increase that is easy to maintain.

8 Foods for More Energy Now!


Salmon has two great energy boosting qualities: It contains Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin B-12. The fatty acids help reduce inflammation in the body which has been known to cause exhaustion. Vitamin B-12 helps with red blood cell production which in turn increases energy.

Fish in general is a great idea for a fast meal because of how quickly it cooks up. Salmon has always been a favorite with my family because of its mild, savory taste. Check out this healthy dinner recipe for a simple salmon main dish!


The fiber and healthy fats in avocado are what make it a superfood for long lasting energy stores. It also contains many of the B vitamins that help with your red blood cell count which in turn helps regulate your iron levels. And we all know low iron makes for a tired mind and body. Not to mention it’s just super tasty!

This amazingly quick tostada recipe idea is great for a healthy meal for the next time you crave Mexican food! And you don’t want a super complicated cooking session!


Beans are full of energy boosting vitamins and minerals that help your body easily convert food into fuel. Much more efficient than caffeine or sugar! They, like salmon, reduce inflammation related exhaustion.

Looking for a new, quick way to get the energy benefits of beans into your family’s diet? Try out this amazing spicy chicken and bean soup! You can put it all in the Instant Pot and have a yummy meal ready to eat as soon as you walk in the door! No worries if you forget to do it in the morning, just put it in as soon as you get home and you’ll have a home cooked meal in no time. I absolutely love my Instant Pot for this very reason!


Beets have been known to increase stamina and reduce blood pressure. And after a long day who doesn’t need to make sure their blood pressure is in check? Every busy mom could definitely use some stamina to make it through the evening!

This amazing roasted beet and fennel salad is a quick addition to any meal that even the kids might like! Add a little chicken and this would make a great light summer time dinner. Because who the heck wants to cook in a hot kitchen in the summer heat?!?

Looking to supercharge your meals? These 8 superfoods will give you more energy right now! Here's how to add them to your menu. #food #superfoods #energy #healthy #health #healthyeating


Eggs have been called the most perfect food. And for good reason! Eggs are packed with protein power. (say that three times fast.) The type of energy that an egg’s protein provides does not spike insulin as other energy sources full of sugar do. It lasts longer and has many other health benefits as well. Like the other foods on our list it’s no surprise that eggs also contain multiple types of B vitamins!

My favorite thing to make when I’m in a hurry to get dinner on the table is breakfast! A breakfast for dinner night is always a winner with kids as well. So, to get your extra boost of energy to make it through the rest of your evening you should try out this easy breakfast casserole.

Brown Rice

We’ve been told over and over again brown rice is better for us than white. But why is that? White rice is refined and like many other refined sugars burns quickly, spikes insulin, and can cause you to crash. Whereas brown rice is full of fiber and lower glycemic index sugars that do not spike your insulin. This means your body has energy that slow burns over a longer period of time and you don’t experience that sugar crash. It’s full of many vitamins and minerals we need to develop good health as well.

Pretty much any recipe that calls for white rice you can substitute brown rice. One of my all time favorite meals for dinner is stuffed peppers. This stuffed pepper recipe is another great crock pot meal. If you get this prepped in the morning you’ll be walking in the door to the amazing smells of stuffed peppers and chili seasoning! And if you’re lucky there might be a couple left over you can pack for a healthy lunch the next day!


I used to be that kid that hated spinach. Of course I was raised in the 80’s when the only way moms seemed to cook it was from a can. Ewwww. Still gives me shivers. We all knew growing up this was an amazing food! Eat your spinach it will give you energy and strength. But we never really knew why. Well, it has a lot to do with iron and fiber. Like I mentioned before both of these nutrients can be a game changer when it comes to boosting our energy for long-term. Anyone with anemia can attest to that. But how do we get kids to eat their spinach today?

Most of the time I would say put it in salads and eat it fresh with a light dressing. That is my new favorite way. A far sight different from what my mom used to slop on my plate! (Love you ma.) But I have also grown quite fond of Italian Wedding Soup! It’s very tasty and makes up real quick in our kitchen appliance hero, the Instant Pot. Kids love it because it has an almost pizza like taste to it, being that it is a hearty Italian soup. It’s sure to be a winner all around!


Now we’re not talking about that sugary flavored yogurt you find next to the cookie dough rolls in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. When we talk about yogurt as a healthy food for energy, we’re talking about the plain, whole fat, sometimes Greek-style yogurt. The fats found in yogurt are essential for your brain function. Yogurt is also a huge source of protein much like what you find in eggs. This is what makes it such a great food for your energy boosting arsenal!

Besides being added to your breakfast routine, there are many ways you can get yogurt in at dinner time. This tasty chicken curry recipe is a sure fire win for a quick and easy meal at the end of a long day.

Looking to supercharge your meals? These 8 superfoods will give you more energy right now! Here's how to add them to your menu. #food #superfoods #energy #healthy #health #healthyeating

A Better Way to Get Energy With Long-Term Benefits

As you can see there are many energy boosting food alternatives to your regular go-to of coffee and sugary treats. The best way you can combat feeling tired during your day is to be prepared. Carry energy-boosting snacks so you always have something to grab when you need that extra boost. I love having almonds and dark chocolate chunks as a snack during my mid-day slump. Dark chocolate is also another wonderful energy boosting superfood.

Many of us busy women are honestly guilty of not eating enough and that is a huge reason many of us are so tired all the time. Below are some quick tips to help sustain energy reserves and create overall healthy habits.

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get enough sleep (Too many of us are not getting enough sleep at night, and that is a huge factor in daily fatigue.)
  • Always have a healthy backup snack in your bag to get you through to your next meal. (Nuts, seeds, a banana, dark chocolate, etc… These are all great energy boosters for when you’re on the go.)
  • Take supplements to support your energy levels
  • Avoid foods with added sugar (Read your labels! You will be surprised how many foods are sneaky about the sugar. You may be getting more sugar in your diet than you’re aware of. And that could be part of your energy issue.)

It doesn’t have to take hours to create an easy, quick meal from these energy boosting foods. And you actually might find these meals are less complicated to make than most. Using these options will not only provide you with the long-lasting energy you need to get through the rest of your day. But they can improve your family’s overall health, create sustainable long-term energy, and they can easily be incorporated into your weekly meal plan. I don’t know about you, but I am all about simple and quick when it comes to eating healthy!


To recap, here are 8 Foods That Will Give You More Energy!

  1. Salmon
  2. Avocado
  3. Beans
  4. Beets
  5. Eggs
  6. Brown Rice
  7. Spinach
  8. Yogurt


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