15 Things to Buy at ALDI (& Five to Avoid)


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There’s a budget grocery phenomenon that’s slowly been taking over the United States, doubling its number of stores over the last decade. ALDI! But ALDI isn’t a new store at all—for over 100 years, ALDI stores have long committed to providing low-priced groceries. I nearly fell off my chair when I found out they were that old—but it’s true, ALDI was founded in 1913 in Germany and came to the U.S. in 1976.

Shopping at ALDI is a unique experience. It certainly isn’t your big, coupon-friendly, buy-everything-on-your-list grocery store. Some of ALDI’s quirks (like needing a quarter to rent your cart) may be intimidating to a first-time shopper. But, once you’re in the door and see the prices, you’ll be convinced!


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The first of several great—really great—things about ALDI is their Double Guarantee. If you don’t like a product or if you don’t find it up to your satisfaction, you can take it back and they’ll refund your money AND give you a new item. Another bonus? ALDI recently announced they’ve removed several artificial ingredients from their exclusive brand products. If you’re concerned about partially hydrogenated oils, synthetic colors and added MSG, this should come as great news.

ALDI takes an innovative, low-overhead approach to business that allows them to offer big savings to their customers. You won’t see a lot of employees straightening up the aisles, bagging your groceries, and stocking shelves. Many items are brought to the floor on pallets to allow for quick restocking and rotation. Big yellow signs above the pallets list the prices. If you’re curious what it looks like, ALDI offers a virtual tour on their website.

Check out the ALDI flyer to get all the important weekly deals.

You may also notice most of the stores are much smaller than an average grocery store and follow a similar layout; this makes them easier to maintain. Their advertising is minimal, so they only issue their ALDI flyer two weeks before sales, but it’s a great planning tool for your trip. Use the ALDI App to download ads, make a shopping list, and find the nearest store.

Remember what I said about bringing a quarter for a cart? Well, their cart rental system is another way they keep a low overhead. It requires a quarter “deposit” when you take your cart out of the line. Simply put your quarter in the slot and the cart will release. When you finish, return your cart and you’ll get your quarter back. This way, the store saves on employees’ time retrieving carts from the parking lot.

ALDI has some unique features including their shopping cart rental system--all designed to save you money.

ALDI accepts most major credit cards as well as EBT, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Because the majority of their products are ALDI-exclusive brands or special manufacturers deals, they don’t accept coupons. Bring your rock bottom price list with you when you go, so you can be sure you’re truly getting the best deal. ALDI exclusive brands are where you’ll usually find the best bargains. Purchases on toiletries and brand-name items are often cheaper in a traditional store with a coupon, although sometimes ALDI will negotiate a special offer on name-brand products.

One more thing—when you see the checkout lines, don’t despair! A lot of the time, lines look long and congested, but here’s yet another way ALDI is different. Their products are barcoded in several places, which means cashiers can quickly zap your products through. It’s a sight to see—they’re super-fast!

Did you know shopping at ALDI can cut your grocery bill in half....without having to clip a single coupon? Get the full scoop on exactly which items are a STEAL at this budget-friendly store (as well as which items you should probably avoid.) Click to Tweet

Be prepared to bag your own groceries. If you don’t want to pay for sacks, you’ll need to bring your own. After you check out, there’s an area beyond the registers where people get their items together and pack them up for the journey home. This front end is another area that can appear congested as people bag and box their own groceries, but it moves quickly!

So, with all these quirks—is the shopping experience a trip worth making? If you’re looking at your bottom line—yes. Groceries at ALDI are undeniably cheaper. Not every single item, of course, but if you do a little planning ahead and make wise choices, you can save yourself a bundle! Once you see the prices, I promise you’ll be hooked!

15 Great ALDI Finds

1. Fresh Meat Specials

While I’m not a big meat eater, my family does enjoy meat meals from time to time. Each Wednesday, ALDI offers a special “Fresh Meat Special Buy.” Some weeks it’s brisket, some weeks it’s boneless pork chops ($2.99 a pound!!), but usually it’s top cuts of meat at really low prices. These are great choices for planning freezer meals and doing your weekly meal planning.

A word to the wise—these ALDI meat specials go FAST. Prepare to make the trip on Wednesday because the cuts often come in limited amounts and once the specials are gone, they’re gone.

ALDI offers great specials on prime cuts of meat like this delicious roast.

2. Canned Broth

ALDI’s Chef’s Cupboard (regular) or Fit & Active (low sodium) cans of broth are between $.49 and $.99 a can; these prices can’t be beat! They offer a veggie broth in their SimplyNature line and comparable products are nearly double the price.

Their canned broths are also flavorful and a great pantry staple to keep on hand. I often stock up on several cans when I’m there.

3. Almond Milk

Depending on where you shop and whether you have coupons, regular milk can be found for a little cheaper at other grocery stores. Though ALDI’s regular milk is priced pretty darn well, their Friendly Farms Almond milk is often at $2.49 or less, which is great buy. It can be over a dollar more at many other stores. They also offer SimplyNature Organic Soymilk for a similar price and occasionally they carry coconut milk as well.

4. Yogurt

ALDI offers many varieties of yogurt and dairy products. The Friendly Farms Moo Tubes are their brand take on the popular yogurt-in-a-tube kids’ snack. They even carry kefir, a drinkable yogurt. The regular snack-sized Friendly Farms line of Lite Greek yogurts are around $.65 each and come in fun flavors like Strawberry Cheesecake and Caramel Macchiato. They’re creamy and don’t have a fake aftertaste like some flavored yogurts.

5. String Cheese

Great for kids’ lunches or a little protein kick in the middle of the day, a Fit & Active low-fat string cheese pack comes in 12-stick packs for around $2.69. Their cheese selection is worth checking out, particularly the soft or specialty cheeses they offer around the holidays. Their brick cheese tends to be a little pricier and the shredded cheese has received mixed reviews online. I haven’t tried it personally, but they add cornstarch to keep it from caking, which apparently can also cause it to burn easily.

Don't miss out on the hot deals at ALDI.

6. Red Hot Deals (in the center of the store)

Each week ALDI offers a “Red Hot Deal” theme in the center of the store. If the theme is picnicking, you might find grilling utensils, paper plates and coolers paired with chips, buns and condiments. Another week it might be a back-to-school theme with school supplies, lunchboxes, and easy, fun snack foods.

Whatever the weekly ALDI theme, it’s worth paying attention to. Very good deals on outdoors items, tailgating supplies, and other fun household buys are often found in this area of the store. Use the ad cycle that comes out two weeks in advance to discover if any of the Red Hot Deals fulfill your family needs, and plan accordingly.

7. Organics

In the last few years, ALDI started to offer a wider selection of USDA Certified Organic items. If you’re looking for organic options, keep an eye out for their SimplyNature brand foods. Popular items include lettuce, spinach, frozen berries, milk, and grain-fed beef. These items are free of additives, and they come in much lower prices than a health food store or Whole Foods. They also offer a line of plant-based products called Earth Grown. Their antibiotic and hormone-free meat is sold under the Never Any! brand.

Their SimplyNature Fruit Squeezies and Organic Fruit Snacks are lunchbox favorites and they’re made without artificial sweeteners or preservatives. At around $2.50 a box, they’re a great way to send your kids to school with something you can feel good about.

Many of the ALDI products are certified gluten free.

8. Gluten-Free Items

The liveGfree brand is yet another ALDI offering that’s worth checking out, especially if you’re watching gluten or have someone with a gluten sensitivity in your household. Their Southwest Veggie stuffed sandwich is an easy grab-and-go lunch item at under $3 for two—a full $2 cheaper than similar gluten-free products at the grocery store.

They also offer gluten-free crackers, cookies, pretzels and baking mixes. At under $3 per box, it’s worth it to stock up on quite a few of these gluten-free goodies just to have them on hand. Even if no one in your house is gluten-sensitive, it can be handy to have something to offer guests with dietary restrictions.

9. Salad Dressing

ALDI’s Specially Selected brand offers several gourmet food options at prices that beat the non-gourmet version at other stores. They have salsa, cookies, and my favorite—salad dressings. They offer several vinaigrette options (the raspberry is to die for!) with restaurant-quality taste. You’d pay much higher prices for these dressings in the refrigerator section of your grocery store.

10. Frozen Jumbo Shrimp & Seafood

Frozen seafood items are usually a good buy at ALDI. The frozen jumbo shrimp are always a bargain. Don’t bother with the other sizes of shrimp though, they aren’t worth the price compared to their weight. The frozen salmon portions and tilapia fillets are also a few dollars less than your average grocery store.

Selecting produce while shopping at ALDI is a little different, but there are plenty of fresh fruits and veggies to choose from (like tomatoes, limes and lemons).

11. Produce

A word on the produce: much of the ALDI produce is a good buy but use common sense. They package a lot of the produce together, so look carefully at the package to ensure everything looks up-to-par and in good condition. Items rotate frequently and I often find really great prices on tropical fruit like pineapple, kiwi, and even mango. Most of the veggies are pretty cheap too. You’ll get a better deal on fruits like apples and oranges if you buy in bulk, but occasionally you’ll find a good price at ALDI. I’ll admit though, their bananas are not usually a great buy or they’re already past their prime.

I added produce to this list because much of what I’ve read about ALDI produce is that it’s their weak spot. I don’t necessarily find this to be true. The selection is often decent and you can usually find a bargain, so it’s not something to skip over.

12. Choceur, Moser Roth, and Specialty Chocolate

The regular chocolate chips and baking chocolate are so-so. They’re passable for cookies, but not great. But good news—they have a wonderful selection of specialty chocolate! These bars are delicious and often European chocolates (read: no wax and creamy amazing texture). I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone twice—give their chocolate bars a try.

13. Canned Goods

The canned veggies are such a great deal at ALDI. It’s hard to beat $.65 per can. In my opinion the majority of canned veggies taste pretty similar and it’s hard to discern a big difference by brand. ALDI’s selection has the same specialty options you’d find in name brands, including crushed tomatoes with garlic and oregano and low sodium options. I know canned food isn’t always ideal, but for pantry storage items like beans, tomato sauce and other staples, this is the place to fill your shelves!

14. Baking Supplies

I like to bake from scratch, but I know there are people who rely on a mix. And if kids are in the picture, having a few boxes of mixes on hand gives little ones a chance to test their culinary skills. If you’re cooking from scratch, baking staples like flour and sugar will be cheaper in a bulk store. But ALDI has a lot of great options for smaller-quantity items like baking powder and cornstarch.

The freezer section is a great spot to check for deals during your ALDI grocery shopping trip.

15. Frozen Veggies

Edamame? Sweet peas? White corn? ALDI has them! Even though they don’t have the vast row of frozen veggies your local supermarket boasts, they definitely have a wide range that can easily fill in for fresh vegetables and fill out any dish. I like to keep bags of frozen veggies on hand to bulk up a dish that needs a healthy addition or so I can slip an extra handful in a meal as a side.

There are a few a few items to avoid while shopping at ALDI.

5 Items to Avoid at ALDI

Not every item at ALDI is a don’t-miss item. As I said before, you aren’t likely to find everything on your shopping list. There’s usually only one version of most items, so you won’t have the wide selection you’re used to at your everyday grocery store. I’ve found a few items don’t make the cut, even if they’re priced cheaper.

Not every item at ALDI is a don’t-miss item. Here's a few items to avoid at ALDI, even if they seem like they're cheaper! Click to Tweet

1. Chips

ALDI chips just aren’t as tasty as brand name chips. I’ve also found it always seems like there’s only half a bag of chips once you get ALDI chips open. I know there’s some natural settling, but they’re also usually broken and lackluster as far as chips go. If chips are on the table, it usually means there’s a party and at a party you don’t want to find you only have enough chips to fill half your bowl.

2. Coffee

ALDI’s coffee seems to regularly make both the “don’t pass up” and the “pass up” lists. It’s reasonably priced at $4.99 a package, but if you’re even a little bit of a coffee snob, you’ll want to leave it on the shelf. If you’ve already given up your Starbucks trips to save money and you’re brewing your cuppa at home, do yourself a favor and spend an extra buck or two on a decent bag of coffee.

3. Paper Goods

Toilet paper, paper towels and napkins are good deals at ALDI, but if you’re a coupon shopper you already know how to save big on these items. If you’re stacking coupons for name brand paper goods, you’ll save more shopping somewhere else.

4. Dough

Pillsbury crescents, biscuits, and cookie dough regularly go on sale and are frequently coupon-friendly items at most grocery stores. ALDI offers their own brand of these refrigerated pre-made dough items, but frankly, they aren’t as good. Not only that, but you’ll probably pay more without a coupon for the ALDI brand than you would at the grocery store with a coupon for the name brand.

5. Cereal

This is, again, a coupon issue. You can find great deals on cereals when you buy in bulk or when they go on sale, which is often. The ALDI brand cereal tastes about the same as regular cereals, but there isn’t a huge selection, and you can find other, better cereal on sale and with a coupon elsewhere.

So what about you? ALDI products and deals can vary from store to store. What ALDI items are a great deal in your area? I don’t go through a lot of gum, but everyone says they have the best prices on gum near the checkout. We’ve also heard good things about their spices.

Tell me your thoughts if you’ve tried them, or anything else you love! 

Did you know shopping at ALDI can cut your grocery bill in half....without having to clip a single coupon?  Get the full scoop on exactly which items are a STEAL at this budget-friendly store (as well as which items you should probably avoid.)   ALDI Buying Tips | Things to Buy ALDI | Products to Avoid ALDI | ALDI | Great ALDI Finds | Grocery Tips | Hot deals | Gluten Free products


  1. November 16 at 08:27AM

    My grandparents would shop at Aldi all the time so I’ve always known about them, but didn’t really shop there as an adult until the past few years. I buy canned goods and some produce there, but my two favorite things are their brownie mix and pasta sauce. I’ve yet to find any brand I like better and the cost can’t be beat. It’s a win-win!

    • Anonymous
      January 12 at 11:30PM

      I also love both of these items

    • Charles
      September 10 at 05:20PM

      I like the idea of a quarter deposit for a cart. It gives people incentive not to leave it where it can roll and damage a car. I lot of times at Aldi, people will give you their cart for a quarter or nothing if they were going to return it anyhow. I had a cart roll into the side of my car once so you can probably see why I wish people would put them back or at the very least place it somewhere it will not roll away. You would be surprised how fast a cart rolls on a windy day or down a hill.

      • Eric Smith
        November 5 at 08:59PM

        I’ve seen the wind send a cart rolling at such a high speed that it could inflict great damage. Its an amazing thing to see. I don’t think a person could cause the kind of damage as this tremendous force. Not just damage to a parked car, but also to people.

    • Phyl
      September 25 at 11:28AM

      The brownie mix is the best that I have it too!

      • Phyl
        September 25 at 11:33AM

        I also buy bananas at Aldis…I dehydrate them so when Aldis has overripe ones I will get 10-20 lbs at a time. Family loves them!

        • Maureen
          November 23 at 01:36PM

          I just bought bananas at Aldi’s and they smell mildewy

          • K
            March 10 at 09:36PM

            I buy bananas ar Aldi every week. Never noticed a problem, but with anything, you can get a bad batch.

    • Sad
      October 5 at 04:00PM

      Disappointing … Aldi’s is starting to charge produce by the pound. I saw it in my store today with grapes, tomatoes and bananas.

      • October 29 at 09:04PM

        They have always charged by the pound. Grapes are .99 and the bag is 2 lbs for $1.99. No price change.

      • b
        August 20 at 04:40PM

        I’m having a hard time seeing this as a bad thing. It gives me more flexibility, and the price per pound will be the same, so….How is this bad again?

      • Ed
        January 19 at 01:22AM

        I like picking out the bananas, not having them already packed in bags. This way go could buy how many you want.

    • Janet
      January 14 at 11:33PM

      I love Aldis but why did they stop sailing original friendly farm creamer

      March 1 at 08:24AM

      I love Aldi! I’m a vegan, on a fixed income, and honestly, I cannot normally afford to shop anywhere else. There products are first rate. I’m also a classically trained chef, so it goes without saying that I am extremely discerning. I read labels, and that’s vital for any shopper! It can be hectic at times, but WELL worth the trip. The produce is very good quality, and mostly packaged, but ALWAYS less expensive than the competition. As a vegan. I must have a sizeable quantity of vegetables fruits, and nuts. I just could not do better in the chain grocers her in Saint Louis. I am grateful that I have the Aldi option! It seems that each time I go, generally 2-3 times each month, there is a new discovery. I am not a “couponer,” but I once was, and snubbed Aldi in favor of those big grocers. I was stupid! Their own label products have no artificial ingredients, or funky colors thst cause cancer. Pasta, is exactly the same as store brands, including Walmart. Aldi’s distribution network getd some of those brands from huge manufacturers that do store brands on the same lines as many other grocery chains. Just know that going in! Rolled oats is mostly the same as Quaker…rolled oats(most of the time) is rolled aats! You know? It’s all about logic, and the intended purpose of the final product you prepare. For instance: it doesn’t make sense to use more expensive, fresh, cut tomatoes in a soup, just use canned tomatoes, unless you’re too snooty!

      They’ve added a lot of high-end products as well. I can get a coconut spread(butter substitute), my almond milk, beans, organic Italian extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, chia seeds, and on, and on! It’s easy to find salt-free diced tomatoes, and stock. Quinoa can easily be double the $2.99 price tag in other stores. I get seasonal goodies in various places throughout the store, that are often far superior to what can be had in a supermarket, and comparable to something you’d see at Whole Foods. The snack crackers, European chocolates, kalamata olives, and lately even things like a really great flatbread, pita, even baguettes, and THAT is the hook; REALLY great quality, at incredulous prices! I live alone, and shop very carefully. I can easily get all my grocery staples, and the majority of my fresh produce for the most of the month, for $100!

      I am an environmental advocate, and bring my own bags as a matter of course. They do have VERY GOOD, nicely large fabric shopping bags for purchase, but many folks seek out the big bins of readily availble cardboard boxes to carry their loot home. Bring your bags, save trash! If I still ate meat, and animal products, I’d could find incredible bargains! They are a model of efficiency in action, and their employees are fast, friendly and do every task in the well-run store. If you’re old enough to have enjoyed the quintessential neighborhood grocery; you will certainly remember that everyone working in those places, multi-tasked. The same concept applies to Aldi, albeit that their employees are decently paid, WITH good fringe benefits, health insurance(long before a mandate). They work hard, are paid well, and are extremely helpful, because each employee knows every square inch of that store, and its contents. It’s as it ought to be!

      Try it! They’re rapidly expanding, and I recently noticed that they have moved into California in a big way. I forgot to mention that they also carry a great line of reasonably priced wines, and very fine German beers too. Oh, when you get the hang of it; you too will be a convert! How they pack all of the greatest food in that smaller space, I will never know! But man, I’m a huge fan!

      Thanks for reading.

      AH Young
      Saint Louis, MO

      • Sylvia bouye-roberson
        March 1 at 08:58PM

        What do you think about Aldi Pizza…have you tried it and is the chesse real

        • Judy
          May 19 at 10:33PM

          It is not good. Had to throw it out.

          • Dave
            October 16 at 11:00PM

            Aldi pizza the fresh one is great .after reading that a woman said it was so bad she had to throw it out . This can only be a ploy stunt by a big box over charging pizza parlor I would assume like that Italian little C chain that advertise one price 5 dollars but charges 5.99 a pie at the drive up every day .talk about about unhandled pie flipping

          • Gloria Levine
            February 3 at 01:38PM

            Don’t buy eggs at Adlai, they are not fresh and I have fount red spots on the yokes which I think means they have started generate a chick!
            I shop a lot there and my favorite secretin is the organic mixed greens, cheeses, almond milk and mineral water!

            • SuperWittysmitty
              February 6 at 11:26AM

              The only way for an egg to “generate a chick” is for it to be fertilized by a rooster and that isn’t happening to the eggs you’re buying at the store.

            • K
              March 10 at 09:44PM

              Never had a problem with eggs from Aldi. I mainly buy their organic ones. I go through a dozen a week.

        • Kay
          May 20 at 04:43PM

          Really good, actually! I get the spinach and goat cheese pizza and it is my favorite store pizza I’ve ever had to be honest. It’s just soooo good! <3

        • b
          August 20 at 04:41PM

          Depends which one you get. Some of them are really good.

        • nonya
          August 28 at 11:43AM

          actually it is good, had it more than often cause im a pizza fanatic

        • Ms. Kriss
          September 3 at 06:21PM

          Their cheese is really good, I get the block cheeses as well as the sliced and am partial to the Havarti and Pepper Jack; however, they don’t have a long shelf-life, so eat within a week or two of opening. Their shredded cheeses are good too and my son, who makes his own pizza, loves the shredded Mozzarella.

        • Nancy
          September 19 at 08:29AM

          I haven’t tried their frozen pizza, but we tried the refrigerated, “take and bake” pizza from Aldi and were really pleased. It’s as good as take-out and far better than that big “take and bake” pizza chain (which, honestly, is practically inedible). It’s also very reasonably priced–between $5 and $7, depending on the toppings, for a really huge pizza that can feed all three of my children with enough left over for mom. We’ve found the toppings, including the cheese, to be of good quality. Aldi pizza has become our go-to for pizza nights when I don’t have time to make it from scratch.

        • Chris
          September 24 at 05:12AM

          Pizza is really good.

        • Teresa Gerchman
          December 12 at 12:25PM

          Staple in my house, my son (13) loves it and will actually come and help do the shopping and onload so he can get a pizza. Can’t be beat.

      • Deb Brown
        October 4 at 11:58PM

        Great review! Can’t wait to shop Aldi!

  2. Anita
    November 16 at 08:42AM

    ALDI has special deals in Germany, too. And sometimes they sell clothes. And I can tell you, they are very low quality.
    Don’t buy clothes at ALDI.

    • Jack Alemian
      August 31 at 02:08AM

      Aldi is a typical German system store i.e what we have you take …do not ask for more. For example the other day I asked the Manager in one store about the 20% Tea Tree oil which disappeared from all their stores. So he said all oils comes mixed in a box so in the mean time if I want oil I can take Eucalyptus oil but no tea tree oil.!!!!!

      Something else to remember dear Aussies…Aldi gets limted number of items…..imagine if Coles or Woollies were not around. yeas Aldi is Cheap but God save Coles & Woollies


      • Sue Rayson
        February 12 at 01:39AM

        Well JOA I live in Australia too & I only shop at IGA & ALDI because with Coles & Woolworths they rip off the farmers & customers all the time ! As long as their shareholders are happy, then we should all be happy !

        • Danielle L. Hunter
          January 26 at 10:11PM

          Actually their peanut butter claimed trans fat free but ingredients listed were hydrogenated oils.That is just a longer word for trans fats so be careful.Everything else is ok and I find green bananas not ripened or over ripened bananas at my local Aldi.

    • Anonymous
      September 24 at 07:47PM

      I’ve bought clothes, shoes, house accessories and saved and haven’t been disappointed

      • luci
        December 6 at 12:00PM

        me too. one completely satisfied shopper here… i detest coupons!!!

      • February 15 at 11:24AM

        I have been an ALDI shopper for the last two years when ALDI arrived in my suburban Philadelphia area. I have bought many non-food items and been totally satisfied with them. This past summer, as I was outfitting my twins for college, ALDI had a Dorm section which rivaled the selection at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond for many items, and everything was a lot cheaper. It seems that whenever I say to myself – “I really need x” – I walk into ALDI and they have it! Just recently, my Crock-Pot broke and I thought “wouldn’t it be nice if ALDI had those today?” I was taking my son back to his dorm and we stopped there to stock up on his items and darned if there wasn’t their brand of crock-pot on sale? Like magic! LOL They had only 3 on the shelf and I have certainly learned that if you want it, get it because it will be gone, so I did. It was not in pretty metallic colors like the red one I bought at Kohl’s, and was a 5 quart rather than a 6 quart, but it also cost $19.99 rather than $29.99, and I have not noticed any appreciable problem with it being 1 quart less. Plus it is programmable, which my other one was not. I am an ALDI fan through and through. Cell phone power packs, charging cases, sheets, blankets, even a memory foam mattress topper, and my absolute favorite buy – shiny red vinyl rain boots, $25.00 at TJ Maxx, $9.99 at ALDI. Fan for life! Oh yeah – and the food is pretty good too!

    • Bill A
      November 7 at 06:27AM

      Fine with not buying clothes at Aldi or really most retail stores. Over the weekend, I picked up 14 shirts at a yard sale, all brand names, for $12. Now, they look great, and people at work would have no idea they are used shirts – they came clean, ironed and folded. Heck, most mens shirts sell for more than $12 for a single one! So happy to deal with people at yard sales too, no prices looks-ups ,call a manager, self-check out, and price is often liberally rounded down so getting change isn’t an issue….

    • Sabine Schmidt
      June 9 at 04:59AM

      Sorry, but I can’t share your opinion. I’m from Germany and I always buy the cloth from ALDI (South) and the quality is as good as it is at H & M, Primark,….. I do have three kids and we need a lot of sporting cloth – things get lost in Germany, too …

      Just last week I bought myselfe a pair of sandals for about 8 Dollars. They will not last for more than a season and this is not the best way for the world (Nachhaltigkeit) but if I had bought them at a boutique they would have cost a lot more and there is no garantie they would last any longer.

      Aldi (South) does have great quality. I don’t like ALDI (North) as much.

      I’m amuesed about the quater-part. In Germany, there is nosupermarket without this carts. And we have never had someone to pack our things in paper or plastic. I lives in the States for a while and those where things I really missed when I returned to Germany.

  3. Michele
    November 16 at 09:29AM

    My few of our favorite items atAldi’s are the produce, frozen chicken breast, cheese, and the products made in Germany. The windmill cookies, chocolate and other specialty/seasonal items are good quality and not over priced. The gum, cereal and crackers did not make the cut with my family.

    • Keho
      March 16 at 07:06PM

      My family loves Aldi here in Oklahoma. Never had a problem with the eggs. Not sure why my store had them for 45cts and the same time my daughter’s store 55 miles away they were $1.39 but are almost always cheaper than Walmart for sure. I have had a few fruits and veggies that seem to have gone bad very quickly but over all they have been awesome. We love the chocolate bars, breads, produce – fruit – veggies. Organic peanut and cashew butter. Ice cream and almond milk. So far the only thing I would STAY AWAY from is their packaged quick meal things. (I don’t use them but my daughter does) The other day she bought fresh meat and the beef stroganoff package because she didn’t want to stop at another store. She did not save money but wasted a pk of fresh meat on this very gross tasting mix. Four people at the table said it was disgusting and spent more $$ ordering out.

    • Kehoga Blanchard
      March 16 at 07:07PM

      My family loves Aldi here in Oklahoma. Never had a problem with the eggs. Not sure why my store had them for 45cts and the same time my daughter’s store 55 miles away they were $1.39 but are almost always cheaper than Walmart for sure. I have had a few fruits and veggies that seem to have gone bad very quickly but over all they have been awesome. We love the chocolate bars, breads, produce – fruit – veggies. Organic peanut and cashew butter. Ice cream and almond milk. So far the only thing I would STAY AWAY from is their packaged quick meal things. (I don’t use them but my daughter does) The other day she bought fresh meat and the beef stroganoff package because she didn’t want to stop at another store. She did not save money but wasted a pk of fresh meat on this very gross tasting mix. Four people at the table said it was disgusting and spent more $$ ordering out.

  4. Lee Detrick
    November 16 at 09:37AM

    I have shopped at Aldi for years, and noticed a great reduction in my spending. Now that we are retired and living about 8 miles from the nearest store, we continued to do so. However, the last time we shopped there, I have come to consider changing my mind. My husband has severe back pain, along with Parkinsons disease. I have considerably back pain, and we are both elderly. That shopping trip just about laid us up for a couple days, but since we bought enough for several weeks, I don’t think we will need to go back for a while. In our small town is an independent IGA grocery store, where we can buy what we need. They have good bargains and take coupons, and so, since we aren’t eating as much as usual, I am considering small trips there just as we need things.

    • December 7 at 01:06PM

      I have back and knee problems. I found it difficult and tiring to bag my own groceries. The prices were pretty good, but with not having everything I need, and bagging my own items, it’s not worth it. I like Sprouts; they have a better selection, their prices are good and they bag it for you.
      Aldi is a good concept, just not for me. But worth a try for sure.

  5. Michele
    November 16 at 10:21AM

    You have some great tips but have failed to either notice or mention the fact that none of Aldi’s produce is sold per lb. It is all sold per bunch or per piece. Therefore, bananas are usually sold at 44 cents per bunch vs. the over priced 49 cents per lb. usually found at grocery stores. I’m not sure how you don’t consider that “a great buy”. Furthermore you mentioned couponing for brand name cereals. What you failed to mention was that those brands are loaded with high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors. Aldi does not use those items in their cereals or their breads making $1.69 a box of cereal and $.89 a loaf of bread an amazing deal! Their block cheese may be “more expensive” but the imported cheeses are from countries who have outlawed GMOs and do not use hormones on their cows or goats for milk production. By the USDA standards that would make them better than organic. Not so pricey when you look deeper.

    • Anonymous
      November 16 at 02:23PM

      I agree! Most people don’t realize organic In the U.S. Is essentially the same as a conventionally produced food from
      Europe, only much cheaper!

      • January 6 at 01:41PM

        No it is not. Check with the FDA, Organic in the US must meet with FDA standards and have to comply to be labeled so.
        Check Consumer Reports articles on labeling.

        • Arlene Brown
          January 10 at 12:59PM

          And you trust the FDA? They reported in the 70’s that Sugar wasn’t a health risk. We all know how that policy failed

          • G
            February 2 at 02:18PM

            USDA sets the organic standards in the US, not FDA.

        • K
          March 10 at 09:50PM

          Europe isn’t allowed to use a lot of pesticides (poison) the US allows. That’s a fact! So, I would say that conventional food in Europe is indeed much like organic produce in the US! Duh!

    • Mary
      November 16 at 08:51PM

      I’m looking at their add right now and except for 2 things, I’m seeing “per lb” prices. Not quite sure where you’re finding “by the bunch”. Maybe it’s regional, but the apples, bananas, potatoes, etc have always been by the lb at my store.

      • Julie
        November 24 at 02:15AM

        That’s interesting they sell produce by the pound. In Michigan it is sold as packaged or each. They don’t weigh anything there

        • Anonymous
          January 8 at 04:16PM

          Here they are pre-weighted. The bundles of bananas have a weight and price on the tape that holds the bundle together.

        • Anonymous
          January 10 at 12:35AM

          I work for aldi, regular bananas are sold per pound. Normally, where I live, they are 39 cents per pound. However the organic bananas are sold for $1.19 per bunch.

        • Diana Martin
          September 25 at 08:03AM

          Products are sold by the package in Tennessee also. Aldi never weigh anything.

          • Sue
            January 18 at 02:11PM

            The packages have weights on them, you just need to look for them. You’re paying by the pound.

          • Anonymous
            February 8 at 10:26PM

            I’m in Georgia and they just stared weighing some products by the lbs.

      • Demitera
        December 17 at 10:32PM

        I am a regular shopper at Aldi and have been for a some years. The veggies and produce are sold in packages and the price is based on the weight of the package. For example, in our store the bananas are $.44 per lbs but the are packaged in a bag that is about 1 pound. So if you look at it both statements are correct. They are sold per pound but they are also sold in packages (most of the fruit). Either way I love the saving we get shopping the to feed a family of 6.

      • Eleanor Lock
        January 8 at 01:45PM

        they don’t have scales at our store, so we pay a fixed price for produce.

        another great buy is cheap eggs. They are better than Walmart’s brands, use enviro-friendly egg cartons, and the last price I paid at an Aldi’s in our area was $1.08 for a dozen of extra large, extra fresh eggs from a mom and pop farm…..I especially like the fact that their eggs have scriptures on the cartons. Just an added plus for me, a Christian! But for goodness sake, don’t buy Aldi’s mayo! Yuk!

        • Nancy
          January 8 at 07:18PM

          I love Aldi’s, but I agree about the Mayo. I just couldn’t get it down.

        • Anonymous
          January 26 at 03:20AM

          I was pleasantly surprised and pleased when I saw the scriptures in their egg cartons too! Makes me want to buy them even more because everytime I get an egg I read the scripture and smile.

          • Anonymous
            June 16 at 06:12PM

            Eggs are only 79 cents a pound here in west palm beach Florida !

            • Anonymous
              June 16 at 06:12PM

              Oops !! I didn’t mean pound I meant to type a dozen!!

              • Manny
                July 17 at 04:36PM


                Milk $0.89

                • Anonymous
                  October 30 at 01:27PM

                  Milk .79 gal. And eggs .39 doz. at Longview, TX. Drive from from Tyler to Longview every week but new store is opening in Tyler in couple weeks. Can’t wait. Love, love Aldis

                • Anonymous
                  December 3 at 12:43PM

                  Omg, I need to move. . In DC milk at Aldi is $2.39/gallon
                  (The other stores here its $3.99)

            • Lee
              December 7 at 06:25PM

              The little mom and pop store I had mentioned often has eggs for 59 cents. And they also have a deli with homemade salads, cheese, and a bakery brings cakes and cookies. One thing I appreciate is that teenage boys carry my bags out to my car. And if someone can’t get out, they call in their order and someone delivers to their home. There are a lot of senior citizens live in the area and need this kind of service.

          • Flooby
            June 17 at 01:34PM

            Isn’t it a conflict when you make deviled eggs?

          • K
            March 10 at 09:54PM

            Scripture in the egg cartons—- I thought that was very odd, and made me not want to buy them.

            • Bargaineer
              March 11 at 12:18AM

              The egg producer that prints scripture on its egg cartons is one of numerous regional vendors to Aldi in different parts of the country. Aldi is not the originator of the print on its egg cartons, and they don’t carry the Aldi brand name.

        • Anonymous
          October 2 at 04:20PM

          We buy the Light Mayo at our Somerset, KY store. We like it! But I’ve found other Aldi’s have never had it.

          • Kathy
            February 2 at 02:00PM

            There are very few things that I pass up at Aldi… I agree with the cereal and their cream cheese is not great… most everything else is fabulous.They sell Dukes mayo at our s in stores in pa and it is very good! Also the dark roast coffee is good as well… LOVE LOVE AlDI! I love how you can go and find new stuff everyweek… lots of selection of cheese, humus, this week I found cucumber/dill greek yogurt for chicken gyros….. I got four huge bags of fresh goodies and MEAT for under 60 bucks I’LL take it! Our grocery store would have been double if not more!!

            • February 15 at 11:34AM

              You are right about the coffee. I forgot to mention that in my earlier comment. I am pretty much a coffee snob and if you get the right blends, they are absolutely fine. The Medium Roast and the Dark Roast are excellent, and if you buy Keurig, you can’t go wrong – $4.49 for a box which would cost $8.00 or $9.00 in Giant. They also have seasonal blends like caramel creme or pumpkin spice which are pretty good as well. I also like their teas – English Breakfast which is really excellent, Herbal Peppermint and Herbal Lemon and Ginseng hit the spot as well. Their Brioche rolls and sliced Brioche bread are a staple with us, along with the Croissants and Breakfast Breads – cinnamon crunch, apple fritter, and pumpkin cobbler. The Breakfast Biscuits (they are comparable to Belvita) are favorites. My husband loves their trail mix bars and my kids are fans of the Evolution protein bars and the pastry crisps, which are exactly like Kellogg’s.

    • Anonymous
      January 9 at 10:53PM

      I prefer the cheeses because of the non-GMO factor.

    • Anonymous
      February 10 at 06:44AM

      Very good point!

    • Anonymous
      February 19 at 07:32AM

      Great response!

      • Heidi
        January 24 at 08:38PM

        This store is so Famous in Germany .Love Aldi❤️And thank you to the Brothers Who own Aldi and Trader joe

    • Jessica Forsman
      May 11 at 04:10PM

      Right on!

    • Leslie Miller
      July 25 at 05:42PM

      Agreed!! New fan!!

    • KB
      October 15 at 11:37AM

      I was about to mention this! I buy tons of Aldi cereal because there is no HFCS and they use no synthetic colors so they are all plant based.

      • Peg C
        October 30 at 01:21PM

        I am a relatively new Aldi shopper in CT and eager to learn the ropes. I rely high fiber cereals. Any suggestions?

    • Anonymous
      December 22 at 03:48PM

      You are right.. the price is reasonable and the cereal isn’t loaded with sugar. I buy the bran flakes and they are perfect and very healthy.

      • Kitty Nelson
        January 12 at 11:17AM

        Their raisin bran and shredded wheat is very reasonable and good. Their whole wheat bread is much cheaper than elsewhere. I also find their frozen garlic toast just as good as name brand for half the price. Shredded cheese and blocks of cheese are also cheaper.

  6. Carol
    November 16 at 10:27AM

    TOTALLY agree about the specialty chocolates! Having lived in Austria for two years and knowing what a really good milk chocolate tastes like, I can once again enjoy that same quality with these Aldi chocolates.

    I have to disagree about the coffee, though. The Keurig-compatible coffee cups (12 to a box) are very affordable. The cheapest ones, I confess, taste bland and watered down, Pay a little more for the dark roast set and the taste is so rich and wonderful. I drink at least one of these from my Keurig every morning…sometimes, with a bit of Aldi chocolate!

    • Anonymous
      November 16 at 08:12PM

      I agree the dark roast K cups are really good!!!

    • May 17 at 10:42AM

      I agree about the coffee! I am a coffee snob. Pay the extra dollar for the Fair Trade coffee and your taste buds will thank you. It is still cheaper and tastes just as good as the Fair Trade coffee I buy in the spendy stores.

    • Mrscoyote
      September 30 at 08:34AM

      The comment on the coffee can go either way. The German Specialty coffee is AWESOME while some of the others are so-so.

      • Anonymous
        December 4 at 05:50AM

        I have bought a reusable K cup insert that you fill with your own coffee and that to me seems to be the most economical option

    • Lisa Thomas
      October 10 at 03:10PM

      I disagree about the coffee as well. It is some of the best I’ve encountered and beats the mainstream brands. the K-pods, not so much, but even they are certainly comparable to any other discount brands – the dark roast K-cups being the best of the bunch, IMO. Best coffee hands down? Whole bean and ground dark roast (3.99 or 4.99/12 oz., can’t remember) is THE best, as is the German “mild” coffee (but we lived in Germany for 5 years so we like it because it takes us back in time). Guatamalan roast is good too.

  7. Gwen
    November 16 at 10:35AM

    I save so much money at Aldi! This article is right on target. And yes the coffee is not good. My husband won’t touch it. But the dairy case is fabulous and I have found the chips and crackers to be great at my store. Love the specialty flavors.

    • November 5 at 01:38PM

      Chocolate Brioche bread is delicious, I look for it often. And when i see it came in I buy a few. My kids love it. I like the prices on the french fries and the bread selection is good. I save a lot of money on the milk and cheeses and frozen veggies, I even bought a fabulous rolling walker for a patient of mine for $29.99. I will buy a few more if they come back again. They cost $120 in the medical supply stores!!The pizza dough did not rise that was disappointing.

      • b
        August 20 at 04:44PM

        That chocolate brioche is really good. That’s not normally my kind of thing, but I have to admit it’s tasty.

  8. bobbi dougherty
    November 16 at 10:47AM

    I haven’t shopped there yet! But I am going to plan a trip for Wednesday (meat day, lol). I do know that the Aldi stores are owned by the brother of the Trader Joe’s stores so a lot of their items come from the same place. Apparently, their father owned both stores and split them up (maybe upon death?) If I am remembering properly, lol. The brothers could own them jointly, I can’t remember. Anyway, thanks for these great tips!

    In reference to the added sugar comment above; TJ’s does make a LOT of their products with less sugar so I would think Aldi’s would too. 🙂

    • 4redsox
      April 17 at 04:08PM

      Not true. Yes they are brothers. No they do NOT use same distributors.

      • Barbara Dougherty
        April 17 at 06:00PM


    • bruce fanger
      October 29 at 07:58PM

      he chain was founded by brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht in 1946 when they took over their mother’s store in Essen, they started Aldi together but got into an argument as to rather or not sell cigarettes. Aldi Nord is known as Trader Joe’s in the USA. Aldi Süd is known as Aldi’s in USA and still does not sell cigarettes.

  9. Barb
    November 16 at 11:09AM

    I love dark chocolate! My favorite is the Moser Roth brand at Aldi. Their price on avocados was usually the best and in my area the milk prices couldn’t be beat. (They vary according to the competition in the area.) But, I recently have moved to South Dakota and there are no Aldi stores nearby. Although I love my new home state, I really miss my Aldi store! Please pass the word on to them that we really need an Aldi store here in western South Dakota! (And I miss Trader Joes too.)

    • Anonymous
      January 9 at 03:28AM

      Aldi’s is coming to Sioux Falls. The old Big Lots store on Louise across from Sams and Walmart. Can’t wait!

      • B.lou
        June 27 at 10:41AM

        I will
        Let my SD family know!

  10. Karyn
    November 16 at 11:10AM

    I disagree with the chips…1.49 for tortilla chips compared to the 2.00 for the cheapest brand at our “dent store”. I haven’t found any difference in amount/quality. I love Aldi’s, just wish we had one closer.

    • Jennifer
      November 16 at 03:32PM

      I agree! Tortilla chips for $1.19, pretzels for .99 and my recent find of kettle chips which are delicious! I also love the dairy and the bar cheese at our store is the cheapest around. Produce, you just have to be careful that it is not too “ripe” unless you use it quickly.

      • May 23 at 05:22PM

        Agree on the Kettle cooked chips, sea salt and cracked pepper. Produce can be a deal but you have to compare ads. Cereals are cheap but limited variety. Dairy is very well priced. They stand behind their products. Only complaint, bring up any discrepancies in quantities against receipt before exiting. Once we were charged for an additional item but the clerk acted as if we were trying to scam her. Was in a bad neighborhood so maybe it happens often there.

      • September 26 at 05:59PM

        I won’t buy chips anywhere else. Excellent quality and great price.

    • Bethany
      January 8 at 06:43PM

      We LOVE Aldi chips! I think all brands have little in them compared to the size of the bag, but the taste of Aldi’s brand is as good as, if not better than name brand chips!! Their “Baked Lays” equivalent is awesome! 🙂

      • Linda
        January 9 at 09:20AM

        Their Milano brand tortilla chips are the best!

  11. Eleanor Lock
    November 16 at 11:28AM

    Our goal is to all our shopping at Aldi’s…but there are some things we don’t like (small in comparison to the things we do like) such as the mayonnaise)

    the chips are great, esp. those that go with salsa…(tortilla chips) we found a special buy of the large bag of tortilla chips for 79 cts each and bought about 5 of them.

    Also, look for special buys. I bought an unusual item (one card to start) tried it and went back for more. It was fried apples, and they are lower in calories, sugar, etc. than pie filling but almost could be used for pie filling. When I had company awhile back, I dished some warm fried apples into dessert cups and topped with vanilla ice cream! simple, yet everyone loved it. I plan to make apple crisp with some of them.

    Overall, I’ve been shopping at Aldi’s (when I had a home daycare 20 yrs ago) I bought the canned veggies for 29 cts a can. Now of course, they’re higher, but they are much better than Libby’s and can hold their own with Del Monte and other brands.

    Anymore, when we go to Walmart, we pretty much stay out of the grocery dept because we get our 2% milk for $2.10 a gallon at Aldi’s, and get our eggs under two dollars a dozen. Walmart is way higher. We are retired and in our 70’s. Every dollar counts!

  12. November 16 at 11:30AM

    Great list! I’m so thankful we have an Aldi nearby that I can shop at each week, it really saves us a lot of money! I agree with your list of to buy and not to buy there. However, since I don’t have time to coupon much I usually go with their 99-cent can of biscuits. Thanks for sharing and hope you have a great week! 🙂

  13. Jenn
    November 16 at 12:13PM

    We just recently got an Aldi’s in my town. My favorite item is the sea salted chocolate caramel chews. They are AMAZING!! Our store does take debit cards. The only problem is I forget they are there and end up buying everything at Walmart! Going to try and shop there first on my next trip. Thanks for the tips!

    • Donna Dodd
      August 3 at 02:04PM

      OMG – THE BEST!!!

  14. Mary
    November 16 at 12:17PM

    They have seasonal sales too. Like right now, they have spiral cut ham that is really good. I also buy the iced tea mix. Just as good as Lipton.

  15. Mel
    November 16 at 12:29PM

    I always shop Also for the produce and their orang juice ( not from concentrate) is very good. I will not buy meat there as it is fatty, also their pizza is not good. Our Aldi takes credit cards.

  16. Nicole L
    November 16 at 12:29PM

    I agree with most of this list. However in recent weeks I have started buying more cereal here. While there is not a huge variety, Aldi has done something that the major and my local store brands have now.. they have certified all of their cereals to have NO artificial ingred. That is HUGE for us. No food colors, or added synthetic preservatives is an option that I wish the “big” companies would think important enough to follow suit with.

    We also tend to buy most of our snacking and baking nuts here as I have not been able to find a better price locally on them.

  17. Michelle
    November 16 at 01:30PM

    We have shopped at Aldi for years! We love everything at Aldi, so much so that we rarely go to another store and don’t clip coupons. You’re right about the coffee, though. We tried their fair trade coffee last week and were not happy. We’ll go back to Equal Exchange. For everything else–ALDI!

  18. nadia
    November 16 at 02:40PM

    I live in Germany and everyone shops at Aldi! No matter what their economical status, and love the organic produce.

  19. Megan
    November 16 at 06:56PM

    I started shopping at Aldi after I quit my full-time job to stay home with my kids. It’s been a huge money saver for us. Once I figured out what we like and don’t like (my husband gave their cereal two thumbs down) it made grocery shopping so much easier – I can be in and out in 20 mins. I really like their Simply Natural brand and I was ecstatic when I found affordable grass fed ground beef! Our store has pretty good produce and I like their k-cups. My new routine is to get what we can at Aldi and then drive down the street to BJs to pick up the rest in bulk, like cereal. Thanks for this post! It gave me even more ideas and insight into what to look for while I’m there!! (Like chocolate!!)

  20. Kurt
    November 16 at 08:26PM

    10. Frozen Jumbo Shrimp & Seafood

    If it’s from China, no thanks.

    • Pat
      January 8 at 02:55PM

      I agree about the shrimp. I don’t buy any fish or food product from China and other Asian countries because of the way their raised or processed. That means I look at the info on every product before it goes into my basket.However, I love the savings I get from the other products I buy at Aldi.

      • Anonymous
        February 8 at 03:25PM

        Yes, I picked up some fruit in a glass jar a few years ago at Aldi.. Paid more for it than the canned, got home and realized it was from China. You do have to watch some items there as they as from China etc and I just don’t purchase those.. Other items at Aldi’s though are great. I wish they had organic free-range eggs.. I still go to a larger store for organic eggs unless I get some from a local farm..

        • Anonymous
          March 26 at 11:40PM

          They do have organic eggs now! 3.49, but still cheaper than organic eggs at the health food store.

    • Kim
      June 13 at 02:34PM

      My local Winn Dixie sells fresh not farm raised large shrimp for $9.99 lb. It is delicious it was on last the weekend for $6.69 lb. I bought 3 lbs. It is so fresh and never been frozen.

  21. Nicole
    November 16 at 08:27PM

    Love Aldi! I agree with most except for the cereal and the coffee. Cereal is a great deal and we prefer to buy fair trade coffee and my Aldi has a pkg for only $3.99! ❤️

    • Lisa Thomas
      October 10 at 03:14PM

      I disagree about the coffee as well. It is some of the best I’ve encountered and beats the mainstream brands. the K-pods, not so much, but even they are certainly comparable to any other discount brands – the dark roast K-cups being the best of the bunch, IMO. Best coffee hands down? Whole bean and ground dark roast (3.99 or 4.99/12 oz., can’t remember) is THE best, as is the German “mild” coffee (but we lived in Germany for 5 years so we like it because it takes us back in time). Guatamalan roast is good too.

      Also, I LOVE their croissants (regular size and mini)…BUT — where have they gone?? I haven’t seen them on the shelf for weeks. Why?

      Oh, and one more thing…you MUST try the peach-mango salsa if you haven’t already!

      LOVE this store!!

  22. Sue
    November 16 at 10:32PM

    I often shop at Aldi’s and mostly like the products but I just can’t get by the fact that
    the frozen veggies mostly come from the Netherlands. I live in the heartland of the US and have vegetable canneries/freezing facilities nearby. Why can’t Aldi’s with headquarters in a neighboring state have contracts for local frozen vegetables? I grow my own during the summer but during the winter, I will shop the sales at my local grocer for frozen vegs and leave the Netherland’s beans in the Aldi freezers.

    • Joe
      January 12 at 01:17PM

      I live in ireland and shop in Aldi. I’m sending this from my American iPhone, whilst an American sitcom plays on my Japanese TV
      Ah well, at least my car is European.

      • Nicole
        September 24 at 08:54PM


    • Susan
      February 14 at 09:53PM

      That’s one of the main reasons I love Aldi’s. The Netherlands, along with, I believe, 19 other European countries, have banned GMOs, and so I am more than happy to buy Aldi’s non-USA vegetables. They also carry pasta from Germany, Spain, and Italy. Again (Thank you, Aldi’s), no GMOs. Studies have shown some very disturbing results regarding GMOs. I love, love, love all the non-GMO products I find at Aldi’s.

    • Teresa
      January 1 at 04:36AM

      With our GMO vegetables who wants our vegetables? Not me. Would rather have fruits and vegetables where the country cares about the citizens health.

  23. Laura H.
    November 17 at 03:21AM

    For some of these, I think it’s a matter of taste. I’ve been shopping at Aldi for years now and do about half of my shopping there. I still do the rest at Walmart. We do buy the chips, crackers, cereal, baking supplies, can goods, frozen meat, milk, eggs, cheese, canned biscuits and breads, regular bread, paper towels, produce and several other things. There are a few things we have tried that we did not like but overall, we do not find a big difference in quality or taste. The biggest difference is in cost! I do not use coupons and their prices by far beat out anyone else without using coupons. Most of their produce is fresh, at least at our store. The one thing I do disagree with is the fish or shrimp (but I rarely buy that anywhere anymore because of this) – most of it is Farmed and from China or another country. If it is wild caught, I will buy but I always check the labels. Aldi is a great store, in my opinion!

    • Michelle
      November 17 at 12:30PM

      Their frozen salmon is an amazing deal at $3.99/lb. It is wild caught from cold pacific waters in the Northwest US.

      • Justin
        March 16 at 08:33PM

        But it says Product of China. How can they catch fish in the USA, ship it to China for processing, ship it back to the USA and sell it for less than farmed fish. If it quacks like a duck…

  24. Sarah Smith
    November 17 at 05:55AM

    Love Aldi!!
    One other item that is a Maybe Buy is brand name items they have sometimes. I’m like a lot of you and don’t buy prepackaged items but they had a killer deal on Uncle Bens rice blends that I couldn’t pass up for my emergency meal nights.

    However, if you know prices or use an app for another store to do a quick comparison, they are not always a good deal.

    Watch for and stock up on seasonal items, Cocoa is considered seasonal so stock up and pumpkin is $.89/can!!

  25. November 17 at 10:46PM

    I have recently rediscovered my love for Aldi. Especially since they have TONS of organic options. I regularly save at least $20 when I shop there when compared to regular prices at main grocers. But I have to mention.. we love their coffee. And at those prices, we can afford getting KCups as well as ground/whole bean and try new flavors often. And we consider ourselves coffee snobs! Ha! We get excited to go each week, list in hand, and often find an extra specialty item that is seasonal, but also won’t break the budget!

  26. Shari
    November 19 at 05:41PM

    I have discovered that their Clancy brand chips are identical to Frito Lay. Now I don’t eat a ton, but at half the cost of Frito Lay, it is one of the best bargains around, especially for a party. I would recommend giving them a try.

    • Lisa Thomas
      October 10 at 03:15PM

      I am addicted to the Clancey corn chips and cheese balls!

    • b
      August 20 at 04:43PM

      Yeah, I don’t understand the criticism of the chips. The chips at Aldi are a fantastic deal. ALL bags of chips are half air. They do that to help protect them so they don’t get smashed up in transit.

  27. Debi
    November 20 at 04:29PM

    I love Aldi, and I always go there first. But there are some ingredient issues at Aldi that you have to watch for. High Fructose Corn Syrup is in a LOT of their packaged items. Carageenan is in Almond Milk there and it is an ingredient to avoid if you can. I probably buy every organic item I find there, but the non-organic produce depends on whether it is on the clean or dirty list.

    • Kay
      May 13 at 04:52AM

      What’s wrong with carrageenan?

      I’ve seen that in the dairy-alternative milks in the “regular” stores as well, but I didn’t know it was a bad thing. :O

      • Ruth Soukup
        May 15 at 09:08AM

        Carrageenan is an additive often found in almond and coconut milk. The research is not conclusive but shows some link to intestinal and digestive problems.

        • Kay
          May 19 at 02:21AM

          Thanks! I just bought almond milk at Aldi and there is no carrageenan so I feel good about it! 🙂

  28. catherinebrown
    November 20 at 06:49PM

    I shop Aldi’s many good products.I don’t buy their meat they have been in trouble a couple of times for having horse meat in their beef.So I don’t buy meat there.

    • Kenn
      January 9 at 03:37AM

      The only Aldi’s stores found to contain horsemeat were in the UK back in 2013, and no Aldi’s outlets in the United States were affected. Additionally, the problem wasn’t limited to Aldi’s. Other vendors in Sweden and France were also affected.

  29. Helena
    November 21 at 02:17AM

    Good list. One of my favorite things about Aldi is that they generally have a limited selection, which makes it easy to find what I’m looking for, make a decision, and move on.

    In item 7 in your first list, did you mean to say grass-fed beef rather than grain-fed? (Sorry, I’m an editor/proofreader, and I can’t turn off that part of my brain.)

    • January 8 at 08:06PM

      I was wondering the same thing! I’m not an editor by trade, but certainly got that gene 🙂

  30. November 21 at 07:34PM

    I have really been a fan of shopping this year as my husband and I try to make every dollar stretch. I like to cook from scratch, so I’m usually able to find most things I need.
    I only partly agree on the produce, it seems to depend on what it is. I got peaches there once, in season, and they were still terrible. That being said, hardier vegetables like carrots or celery have been fine.

    November 26 at 10:35AM

    THANKS for the great Aldi information. I would take my mother shopping at Aldi’s and she would tell me I should shop there. I basically said, “Okay, mom, but ignored her advise. Today I shop at Aldi’s all the time! I don’t often buy meat there, but I’m happy to know about the Wednesday special…I’ll check that out. I use their chocolate chips all the time and my family didn’t even notice the switch from the major brands..they have consistently gone up in price, but they are still less expensive then other brands. People ALWAYS love my Aldi’s brownies. Three other things that are a great buy are the evaporated milk, pudding and cool whip…two things I use for desserts and there is no taste difference and the prices are a lot less! I KNOW my mom is saying “I told you so” from heaven!

    • Jane Anderson
      June 27 at 03:13PM

      Look out for whipped dessert toppings everywhere. They usually contain cargeenan.

  32. Bryn N
    December 4 at 03:38PM

    I lately have been shopping at Aldi’s. I do not recommend their crackers but love their baking supplies and dairy. One time I bought Chocolate Almond Mild, but they have not had it for awhile. Love, love you site, Ruth…..keep up the good work.

  33. December 4 at 08:58PM

    I buy fresh toppings such as flavor intense baby bella mushrooms, tangy green peppers and sweet onions to customize an already very respectable product. Get these pizzas while their available. Knowing Aldi, I suspect that’ll only be until the holidays are over, if not sooner.

  34. beachbum
    December 7 at 04:17PM

    My husband loves his weekly glass (or 2 😉 ) of merlot. We have been to MANY wine tastings, festivals, and wineries. Every time he says “well, it sure doesn’t beat Winking Owl” and for $2.98 a bottle I would say that’s a great find! The Winking Owl pinot grigio is pretty good also. I love their chocolate, smooth and tasty. I steer clear of any baked goods, we think they have a funky (artificial) flavor.

    • Kenn
      January 9 at 03:46AM

      I agree 100% with your wine comment. You can’t find a better tasting wine anywhere for even douple or triple the price of Winking Owl, and many of my friends agree. In addition to the Penot Grigio, I also like Winking Owl’s Cabernet Sauvignon.

  35. Bargaineer
    December 23 at 12:28PM

    Something else to think about. The time I spnd shopping matters to me, and Aldi’s strategy makes grocery shopping much quicker and simpler. First, the selection of everyday items is limited to something like 1,300 different products compared to 40,000+ in conventional supermarkets. Nobody at my table has ever questioned the quality of meals made with Aldi products. Why pay up to twice the price for basics like flour, sugar, butter, crushed tomatoes, pasta and the like? Second – something no one else has mentioned – if you’ve shopped one Aldi store, it’s quick and easy to make your way through any otherAldi! All the products are found in the same general locations, or the layout’s mirror image. For example, as you walk in the door, the enty aisle will greet you with some specials, bagged snacks, wine, nuts, cookies and crackers, baking essentials, sweet snacks, condiments and cereals – in that order. Coolers for dairy, other refigerated goods and meat can be found along the outside wall from the rear onward. Then on to the frozen coolers on the outside of the far aisle. Center aisles have the nonrefrigerated and canned groceries, baked goods, household and paper goods, produce, frozen items, and special buys. If you’re working from a list, shopping is a one-pass breeze. Regular supermarkets aim to keep you there as long as possible and sell you stuff that you had no intention of buying. Aldi works with its customers to make essential shopping quick and painless.

  36. Sharon
    January 8 at 04:50PM

    I agree with you that Aldi is a great place to save. But, you are completely wrong about the coffee, chips, and cereal. All are delicious and a great buy.

    • Michelle
      February 2 at 09:34AM


      • Bobbo
        June 15 at 03:02PM

        The coffee is fine. The cheese is terrible…weird aftertaste for the blocks. The deluxe singles are fine.

  37. January 8 at 08:37PM

    I don’t think the cashiers in the Riverhead NY store like their jobs very much. They always seem like the customers are all such a bother.

  38. January 8 at 09:36PM

    I don’t mind the coffee! I’m happy with Aldi!

  39. Sarah
    January 8 at 10:05PM

    #7 – Organics
    The beef is grass-fed not grain fed.

  40. Tracey
    January 8 at 10:35PM

    Admittedly we’ve only been once, but we loaded up on their “LiveWell”(?) I think brand items and the first one we tried – same day – in a dish I make often was Cream of Mushroom soup. Absolutely vile, had to throw out 2lbs of chicken because the soup made it a dish nobody would touch. All the other “their brand” items we’d bought to try (as well as a few canned pasta type meals we got thinking of easy food for our teens to self-prepare) — all of it went to the local food pantry (except the soup, we tossed those!! Not food!!). Huge waste of money we thought.. Maybe we missed something?

    • Cyndi
      February 5 at 11:50PM

      Similar experience for us as well. Can’t seem to figure out how everyone can find great deals when the food isn’t that good.

  41. Nicholas
    January 8 at 10:58PM

    I have hand-made the Specially Selected dressing’s for a couple of year’s now.
    The garlic,house,three cheese and raspberry along with the pasta sauce’s.
    Seeing that people prefer them over other brands and enjoying them is a big compliment.

  42. Jen
    January 9 at 05:17AM

    Have to respectfully disagree with ALL of the author’s negative points for my local (WI) Aldi store. Although I do make a couple trips a year to a bulk amish store for baking staples and mix up jars of dry pancake&muffin ingredients to have handy when the kids want to bake; typically, if Aldi’s doesn’t have it we don’t need it. Employees are paid well&much more friendly than commercial stores. We appreciate the organic/natural foods at reasonable prices and no complaints re:quality/value.

  43. Rachel
    January 9 at 10:52PM

    Aldi is pretty much the only place I shop for groceries. I love the cheese/dairy section. I cannot find goat cheese or other specialty cheeses as cheap as Aldis anywhere. The only thing I wish our local store would add is whole wheat flour. I do not use white enriched flour for anything, so I have to go to another store for that. But usually after I say something to anyone about what I would like to see at Aldi it eventually shows up there.

    • April 22 at 12:21AM

      Evelyn Parker I wish you would stock apple pie filling all the time. We love shopping at Aldi but lately can’t fine it, so I ask someone working there and they tell me they done carry it always. Sure wish you would start stocking it on a regular basis.

  44. Anonymous
    January 10 at 12:03AM

    We have a great Aldi’s near our house which is convenient and dangerous because I can get there easily and then I spend money. The things that I feel are good buys are eggs – right now $1.85 a dozen while they are over $3 a dozen in the other stores. I also buy milk there. Usually I check the flyers of nearby stores for deals ; I shop at Aldi first and I shop at the other store that runs specials and uses coupons for the items I can’t get cheaper at Aldi.

    • cat
      December 30 at 07:49AM

      That’s my strategy also. And I feel like Aldi is the Dollar Store of food because the prices are so reasonable and it feels like everything is squashed together visually in the store similarly to a Dollar Tree store. But I don’t feel nearly as badly if I over buy a bit at Aldi because it is food and is same quality as other stores. Food is food and will get consumed no matter what. I cannot say the same for all Dollar Tree items.

  45. Lori
    January 10 at 05:48AM

    I have to disagree on the chips. I think their flavored chips are the best off brand I have ever had. There is plenty of flavor on each chip and I have not had a problem with them being all broken. I go there specifically to buy milk and chips and produce. Best prices on produce I have found.

    • Michelle
      February 2 at 09:33AM


    • Anonymous
      April 2 at 12:24PM

      Agree on the chips. The Clancy’s brand is as good as any…and much cheaper!

  46. Phyllis
    January 10 at 02:36PM

    I only go to Aldi’s at Christmas time to see the German selections. I have always wondered where their meats come from so would never buy it. Also, where do their canned foods come from? Overall, this column was helpful.

  47. January 10 at 05:50PM

    We shop Aldi’s first, then Meijers across the street at 2 locations, each 30 minutes from our residence. The 2 stores are similar, but prices on some items vary. The employees are both friendly and helpful…also work hard/fast. Both accept debit cards, but not credit. Personal taste varies, as noted by above entries. I eat almost exclusively their frosted flakes with granola. You need to shop by personal preference, but we buy 75% of our groceries there, saving $30 or more every other week. When we shop at Meijers I have to smile when I see others paying much more for milk and other items in their cart. We watch quality of fresh produce, as specials are often items that need to be moved quickly, but most produce is a good buy…for example mini carrots for reg. $.99 but sometimes only $.69 . We like their chips, nuts, and many baking items. We buy hams bone-in and freeze them…$.89 per lb. when available. The price on frozen juice is far below competition. We buy chicken elsewhere on sale and use our freezer to save for later. The pizza is reasonable when we add a few of our own toppings…multiple cheese pizza for $4.99 and LARGE. We avoid non-grocery items in the second isle. After shopping there for more than 20 years, we have learned which items we prefer…you will too!

  48. betty
    January 10 at 08:53PM

    have been to aldi’s loved it and can not wait. for one to open close to m

  49. Michelle
    February 2 at 09:31AM

    OK. I love the list of what to buy. I am an Aldi part time shopper. They do not take credit cards. This is a downfall fall for me. I wanted to share, the potato chips are
    awesome. All of them. I am pretty sure all under 2.00 usd. In fact all the chips and snacks are great. Again pretty sure all under 2.00. Tortilla chips for parties 1.29 a bag. Canned cat food 0.35 each.

  50. Cyndi
    February 5 at 11:45PM

    I’ve tried shopping at Aldi’s multiple times but all I’ve ever experienced had been regret for the time wasted and food that is more expensive than sale prices at other stores and that don’t taste as good. I can’t figure out what I’m missing. Perhaps because we avoid foods with artificial sweeteners, canned foods and lots of boxed foods I just can’t find the same great deals. I don’t dare purchase meats there after the horse meat issue and the produce that I purchased all went bad in the matter of days. I think our local Aldi’s advertises bananas around 0.39¢ per lb but I can find it less expensive on sale at Marcs or Acme. When they charge per banana, it’s still more expensive.

    • Anonymous
      February 13 at 10:56AM

      you must have a bad taster, or you are a plant from other chain stores.

  51. Linda Soulia-Smith
    February 8 at 03:41PM

    My biggest complaint-their fruit and veggies mainly come from Mexico. I have a huge issue with that. I try to only purchase items that are local or US fruits and veggies. Many also have the black flies around the areas they are shown.

  52. Kari
    February 8 at 03:57PM

    I agree about the cereal but I’ve had great luck with the chips, specialty coffee (I don’t like to buy their regular canned coffee) and quick breads. Also, I suppose if you coupon their paper goods aren’t worth it but if you don’t, well I don’t find their paper goods to be that bad. Similar to any store brand (which is what I would buy anyway). They do have some not so great products but overall I love their stuff.

  53. lisa
    February 19 at 08:34AM

    One big thing I do not like about my local Aldi is the way you cannot see the prices of your food as it is scanned. There is no display facing the customer. They say “oh you can check your receipt” but who has time to do that and then go back and deal with it if something is wrong? Why would they make it the way it is unless they either don’t want to deal with mistakes or are trying to be deceitful?

    • Bargaineer
      February 19 at 11:04AM

      How often have you found mistakes on your receipts? I look over my receipts and have been very satisfied with Aldi’s level of accuracy. If you’re that concerned by it, then yes, you can certainly find time to complete your transaction and examine your paper receipt in the bagging area. The customers behind you in line, who care about their time as much as you do about yours, will appreciate it.

      • lisa
        February 19 at 11:22PM

        My point is ..If you could see the prices as they are scanned on a screen like you can at other stores you wouldn’t have to go study your receipt.

        • Bargaineer
          February 20 at 01:23AM

          What’s wrong with looking at your receipt? You haven’t convinced me that you MUST see the prices instantly as they’re being scanned. Are you suspicious of wrongdoing and errors on their part? Didn’t you imply in your original comment that ALDI might be deliberately cheating its customers?

          In no other stores do the checkout people scan products as quickly as ALDI, and that’s for two reasons. They are expected to be extremely productive and also to respect your time as a customer – not making us or the people behind us wait. Compared to typical supermarkets, it’s an ALDI selling point with customers who want to walk in, get what they need, pay, walk out and be on their way quickly. ALDI’s checkout people can scan items faster than you or I can read a screen – we would only slow things down for everybody.

          Checkout mistakes at ALDI are rare compared to elsewhere. And as to rectifying any mistakes, providing refunds and replacements, etc., I’ve found that ALDI people are immediately responsive to and always respectful of their customers’ concerns. Moreover, they don’t make you get back at the end of the line for that. If something needs fixing, they help you as soon as they complete the current transaction, or call a colleague over to assist.

          You say that your time is important to you. Mine is important to me as well. If I’m ahead of you, I’ll do my best not to hold you up, and I hope you’ll return the favor when you’re ahead of me. If you like, I’ll even be happy to help you pick your items from your cart and put them on the belt.

          • Meri
            July 25 at 03:57PM

            I stand at the end of the lane, where the cart that they put the items in, stand on the other side of the cart and you can see each thing as it rings up

            • Eula
              August 11 at 09:27AM

              I have had mutiple errors on my receipts, often the mutiple barcodes scan mutiple times for one item. It was embarrassing for me to interrupt the line to get my money back. The employees were always very nice, but I hated it. So now I make it a point to stand behind the cart at the end, or behind/near the cashier to watch as they scan. They don’t seem to mind, and I’ve caught errors that are easier to fix before the transaction is totaled.

  54. February 28 at 04:50PM

    I like to shop Aldi’s and go there most every week. My one pet peeve is – the lack of prices of things on the center aisle. I see things there and check above for prices, but 9 out of 10 times, don’t find it listed. If they don’t have the time to post prices on the board above, they could put a price on the packing boxes themselves. At least one would have an idea of the price. I don’t know about the rest of the people, but I don’t usually buy an item unless I know the price. I would buy more from the center aisle if they were prices.

    • cat
      December 30 at 07:39AM


  55. Jessica
    March 12 at 03:31PM

    I like the chips. In fact at my aldis store I stayed away from the meat. Very cheap and only has 70/30 on ground beef.

  56. Sarah
    March 30 at 03:40PM

    I would have to disagree on the chips and paper goods. Their chips are at least as good as name brand if not better and they cost 50% or more less. Also I haven’t found a better deal on t.p. than at Aldi, even when using coupons.

    • Lisa Thomas
      October 10 at 03:17PM

      The 1000-roll toilet paper AND Boulder 8-pack paper towels are the best! I go nowhere else for paper goods because I find these to be the best value for the price.

  57. Annie B.
    April 3 at 09:40AM

    I can’t understand why breads and rolls haven’t been mentioned more often. I buy all our hamburger and hot dog rolls at Aldi’s for 89cents! They are as good as Ball Park, and way way better than store brands. I also buy their nice english muffins, at $1 when Thomas’ are 2-3.50! My husband is an english muffin lover, and prefers these. Their German cakes are wonderful. The special buys are good, but sometimes you will fall in love with something and never see it again. I can’t wait for them to have the crab ravioli again, better than restaurant quality. I haven’t really caught any prices higher than Walmart, either. Their Cara Cara oranges were 3.19 instead of $4 at walmart, for example. Oh, and their bagged salads (try the Caesar for a treat) are now 1.49, and much nice condition than our standard groceries because it all sells out so quickly.

    • Liz
      July 24 at 01:28PM

      Agree that their Caesar salad kit is superior to those at higher-priced stores. Their kale citrus salad kit is divine!

    • Lisa Thomas
      October 10 at 03:19PM

      Their croissants and brioche rolls are the best!! I love eating them, or their pretzel rolls, with Aldi chicken salad and swiss cheese – one of my favorite lunches or snacks.

  58. Jimmy R
    May 5 at 11:40AM

    How long do i cook specially selected fusilli pasta? Instructions say 15-17 minutes, which seems absurd. I like pasta al dente and usually cook it half that long. Can’t find an answer. Aldi sent me a form letter which didn’t answer my query, and they don’t have a phone number.

    • Bargaineer
      May 5 at 01:43PM

      Nothing hard here. Standard cooking time for fusilli is in the 8 to 10 minute range. Start with that and test by spooning one out and biting into it. If necessary, then add time in increments of a couple minutes until it tastes al dente to you. Just like seasoning a dish – taste and adjust. Particular chefs use package directions only as a suggestion. Good luck.

  59. Anonnymouse
    May 13 at 10:08PM

    I did it. I went ahead and bought women’s underwear from Aldi. I bought a pack of Serra Ladies modal panties a few months ago — great buy. They’re really good quality, a nice fabric, and a cute cut. I think they were something like 5.99 for a 6 pack. They are much more of a Victorias Secret style than those cotton Hanes multi-packs. Love Aldi’s! there are always a few things I need to get elsewhere, but that list is slowly shrinking as Aldi is beginning to carry more of these items. ie single ply toilet paper (similar to scotts), big organic boxes of salad. I once read on a blog if you can’t get it at Aldi, the dollar store or the thrift store, you probably don’t need it!

  60. June 21 at 11:50AM

    Great News! As of March 2016, all Aldi U.S. stores accept credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

    check out our Aldi product reviews at

  61. Lauren
    June 26 at 08:06AM

    We just got Aldi in Simi Valley, Ca.,and although we are “selective to be effective” shoppers, Aldi has been great. There produce quality has been great, their chocolate is fantastic, and their line of organic seasonings, exceptional. We don’t eat a lot of processed foods, but the things we do eat like nuts, occasional fake health food, and so forth, we’ve been impressed. They seem to hire A+ humans, and the customer service has been beyond a meet and greet. We wish they would carry an organic coffee. All and all, pretty good quality and rock bottom prices


  62. Melissa
    July 6 at 05:27PM

    Aldi now takes credit cards!

  63. Pat H
    July 22 at 07:11PM

    I shop at Aldis and am getting more frustrated. The new store is far away so returning items can become expensive. I bought what I thought was fresh grapes at $4.98 (not cheap) and in two days they all molded. Disappointing. I am a senior who does not feel that well to drive mush less have to drive to return items, also not cost effective. I think each store should have seats for the disabled to rest on at the back of the store. Their chocolates are very good and Christmas specials are a treat. I have come to the conclusion that if I buy vegetables and some spoil quickly, the price I have paid is still cheaper than some local super stores. You have to know your prices, and check their produce and vegetables over well as it seems they are not as fresh compared to other local stores. They do have some imports that are a real bargain. I would like to think I am saving money, but sometimes I don’t think this is always the case. Be a wise shopper and complain to the management when necessary.

    • cat
      December 30 at 07:28AM

      I agree that there should a place to sit at the back of the store. I’m not elderly. But each time I’ve been pregnant (and am right now), I’ve had times where I needed to sit immediately* because I got dizzy standing in one place. I mean, you do that in the store; You have to stand in one place and think sometimes. What I end up doing is simply squatting by the carriage until my heart rate and vision normalize. I guess I could just buy one of the folding chairs Aldi sells. lol. But that’s not a very cost-effective way to shop. And I don’t think it would be difficult for Aldi to have a chair in the back of each store in case a customer needs to sit for a moment.

  64. Linda Walser
    August 22 at 03:02PM

    I started shopping at Aldi’s about 8 yrs. ago as opposed to Walmart and our local grocery. Almost everything I have purchased was wonderful. Taste test the Burman’s mayo to Hellman’s and you really can’t notice much difference. Big difference in the price though. The Appleton cooked ribs are yummy. You can cook in microwave or regular oven. There are only a few items I do not purchase there as I am basically happy with everything. They do take credit cards now in the U.S. I save over $30 to $40 with each shopping trip as opposed to the other stores. I do miss the Specialty Select spaghetti sauce I used to buy as it was better than the popular brands. Some items are seasonal-such as pumpkin pie filling in the can-therefore you have to go to the grocery store to purchase. If you like saving money-make Aldi your one stop grocery store.

  65. Judy K
    August 28 at 08:24PM

    I’ve been shopping Aldi for 20+ years and love it. There are a few items I won’t buy, but 99% is very good.
    I do wonder about their meat. I didn’t see many comments about it and not much in the article except for the Wed. deal. I denounce the horse meat thing because of the response about it not being in the U.S. I’ve always been skeptical though because it’s always so red. Is something added to make it red? I have purchased it anyway because it’s so much cheaper! Is it quality meat/poultry? I have found it to be less fatty than any I have purchased at the pricey stores. Anyone research that?

    • Bargaineer
      August 28 at 09:29PM

      Horse meat? The chances of finding a slice of Old Dobbin on an Aldi cooler shelf in the U.S. run from nil to zero, as is the case with almost every market in our country. You may be surprised to know that the bright red color of packaged meat in the U.S. has less to do with quality and more to do with consumer belief. Customers believe that bright red beef is fresher and thus not spoiled, which is only partially true. Dry aged prime steaks, for example (which you’ll find at boutique meat markets) look very dark red by comparison, which some people might think is very unappetizing. Airproof plastic wrap prevents oxygen from reacting with the red blood cells and the meat from turning brown, even though it continues to be fresh and unspoiled despite a color change. Additionally, “modified atmosphere packaging” is an FDA-approved method of excluding oxygen from the package and preserves freshness. Consumers should always check the expiration date on the package and not judge freshness by appearance alone.

  66. Matt
    September 12 at 08:24AM

    Aldi has by far the best green grapes. Don’t know where they get them but Wow. They also have these dove style chocolates that are awesome. Also, for $1.99 they have really good French bread pizza’s. Oh! Almost forgot TAFFY APPLES in the fall are a must!!!

  67. Sue Wargo
    September 16 at 09:51PM

    I am really impressed by their Village Bakery apple pies with cinnamon. Price can’t be beat, and they are less sweet than most, plus the apples are fresh; I believe Granny Smith. Their seasonal soups in the can are very fresh tasting. Try their vegetable soup or potato soup, and you will be surprised. Specialty chocolate Candy bars are the best. The pack of 3 different colored peppers are cheaper than any other store. Fruit is much cheaper, but look before you buy. The thick Italian bread is great. The ribs are a great quick delicious meal. I always buy the refrigerated fresh sweet onion salsa when it is available, and pair it with Clancy chips. I find the chicken salad with cranberries to be quite satisfying. Eggs are cheap. I like the fact you can be in and out quickly. The check out cashiers are lightning fast! Believe it when you find items marked as “seasonal” or you will miss out on some great items. Also, the plain looking windmill cookies are so good! Stock up when they are available. Their return policy is very user friendly if you ever need it.

  68. Jay
    September 24 at 07:19PM

    I like shopping the specials at Aldi here in Port Charlotte Fl. But very frequently find they are out of their advertise items. Especially in the meat department. Last week they had 80% lean hamburger for $1.99lb. I was in there 4 times and they never had any. If this was only a one time thing on advertised items it would be much better!

  69. Patti
    September 24 at 08:56PM

    New Aldi shopper as they just opened here. So far we are huge fans. Found a few items we didn’t like. The fresh pizzas and the K cup coffee but so far everything else has been good and so much cheaper. I wish they were closer. They do take CC but not checks unlike the other discount store in town. They also weigh bananas here. I didn’t see many organics like milk or eggs but will look next time. I think one is supposed to open closer and if so will probably go once or twice a month

  70. September 24 at 10:07PM

    We shop at Aldi all the time and we love it ..

  71. September 24 at 10:30PM

    Any insight or experience on the pork tenderloin from the meat section, the kind that comes in the vac sealed packaging? I thought they looked odd in some way, texture, color, hmnn, (can’t put my finger on it)!

    • cat
      December 30 at 07:05AM

      Hi Jen, I’ve bought the pre-spiced tenderloins and the regular tenderloins there. My personal feeling is that the pre-spiced stuff costs more and I would prefer to be able to spice and stuff a tenderloin myself (I’m wary of gluten in everything*). But I’ve also noticed that Aldi doesn’t always have the un-spiced tenderloins when I’m there. So I end up just switching back and forth b/t the pork butt and tenderloin pieces depending on what’s available. I think the pre-spiced pork tenderloins look strange to me* because they’re too small and the texture feels different than the un-spiced ones.

  72. Teresa
    September 25 at 09:09AM

    We love Aldi! The chips are good in our store and I’m very excited about the new organic spices I saw last week. They cost half as much as the Great Value jars at Walmart. I wish I could get everything I needed at Aldi. I would love to make only one stop for groceries!

  73. Lisa
    September 25 at 03:35PM

    I would say I love buying the cereal at aldi. They are more “natural” and don’t have artificial coloring ( in most). I prefer that over all the “name” brand ones. Their line of products are great. I also like buying their greek yogurt (.65) compared to chobani (1.00). Natural and tastes good! I do not like that they have carrageenan in their almond and coconut milks they sell or their half and half. I wish they will change that over time so I can get that stuff there too. Also their cottage cheese has it too. Other than that I LOVE aldi! My husband LOVEs their corn chips (fritos). .89 a can one go wrong?

    • Kay
      May 19 at 02:18AM

      I just bought almond milk there and there is no carrageenan in it. 🙂

  74. LW
    September 25 at 03:41PM

    I don’t know when this was written but they do take cards now and their chips are fantastic! My mom lives their cereal [I have 4 kids, we have to buy cereal in bulk] and their coffee is good too. I haven’t bought anything that hasn’t met or exceeded my expectations

  75. AJ
    September 28 at 01:00PM

    We buy Aldi coffee and we don’t think it’s bad…the dark or breakfast. We’re not coffee snobs at all but I like it better than something like Folgers or Maxwell House

  76. Ron
    September 28 at 07:38PM

    Out of the 5 don’t buy items the only one I don’t currently buy is the paper goods. The other 4 items I find to be just fine and only buy those when I find them on sale at other stores which isn’t that often. There is only one item Aldi sell that I have passed up and that is the individually wrapped sliced cheese. It may be different now but it just didn’t have any taste.

    • Jaycey
      October 11 at 10:05AM

      No one’s mentioned the cheese crackers but they look and taste IDENTICAL to Cheezits at at least half the price! I also love their “samoa” cookies, salted peanuts, spices, cheeses, tomato juice, produce, and pimento cheese…..all much lower than Walmart and tastes just as great…..why pay more? I always scan the shelf pricing for extra markdowns…..there’s always at least some to take advantage of! By the way, if you ever look at their packaging you’ll see that they have the bar code on ALL sides! This is why you fly through checkout…..the cashier doesn’t spend so much time looking for the code…..brilliant! I actually like to bag my own stuff…..that way I can do it exactly how I want it….in fact, I usually do the Walmart and Krogers self checkout for that exact reason!

  77. richfiles
    October 21 at 05:04PM

    An Aldi just opened in New Ulm Minnesota. Checked it out yesterday during the grand opening. Got some tasty seasoned pasta. The one seasoned with chili peppers is pretty spicy though, if that’s not your thing. I grew up with a Mississippi Mama who cooked cajun… And I was floored by the spice! I grabbed a few items, canned goods, dry boxed pastas, one of their huge pizzas. Haven’t had a chance to try it all yet, but I’m pleased so far. I only spent $25, but I came home with enough stuff that I needed to use two hands to carry it all! Best of all, they’re just a couple blocks down the street, and round the corner!

    I didn’t even look at the chocolates. Saw them and moved on… Haha! I might have to go back and pay closer attention to those! XD

    I didn’t get any produce yet. I will though.

  78. October 25 at 05:15AM

    Aldi has basically taken over in the UK and all the large supermarket chains are suffering because Aldi and its sister company Lidl, offer better value. Not the choice of the larger stores by far, but for every day food, I buy for my hotel from here.

  79. JenB
    November 15 at 10:38AM

    Not happy about Aldi shrinking the size of their spice containers substantially and charging the same price.

    • Bargaineer
      November 15 at 11:17AM

      Saw that too, but ounce-for-ounce the spices are still a far better value than the name brand common spices we pay an arm and a leg for in the regular stores. ALDI’s selection is limited to the bigger sellers – basil, thyme, cumin etc. It appears they no longer sell lemon pepper in the self-grinder bottle, which I miss.

  80. glynn
    November 29 at 04:15PM

    The official Aldi website says:
    Q. What forms of payment are accepted at ALDI stores? A. We welcome cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, most debit cards, the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) and Link cards. At this time, we do not accept checks or the Women, Infants and Children program (WIC).

    So, apparently they do take credit cards.

  81. GW
    December 2 at 11:08AM

    Every time I go to another store and see their army of cart carralers and cart pushing machines (!), I fume knowing that I’m paying extra for that and marvel at the simple genius of the Aldi method. I also love how Aldi regulars have the system down and just exchange the cart and quarter with a smile while passing in the parking lot.

    Our family loves the pizza and price cannot be beat.

    • GW
      December 2 at 11:09AM

      corralers, that is. 🙂

    • cat
      December 30 at 06:52AM

      Oh yeah. The fresh pizzas they sell there are a favorite of my husband. Really* good price. And those meat-lovers pizzas really hit the spot with my husband. And they don’t skimp with the toppings!

  82. Kelly
    December 5 at 02:36PM

    I shop here every week. My staples that were not mentioned include their hummus (I like red pepper), eggs, goat cheese and all cheese in general, dried fruit and their cereal bars. Their breads and bagels are very reasonable, the baked naan makes a great pizza, topped w their marinara, mozerella and goat cheese.

    I don’t like their meat unless it’s frozen. Their frozen hot dogs and brats are awful.

    • cat
      December 30 at 06:49AM

      I agree on the brats and hot dogs. My husband thinks they’re great. I don’t understand him. lol

  83. Bennett
    December 9 at 06:16AM

    Aldi’s claim good prices, but after finding out not all store prices are the same, for example milk at a store in Gary, IN. The milk and egg were $1.79 and $.79, a , to restore a few miles away they are $1.49, and $.49. When I asked the manager, he said they set there prices just below the competitors prices in the same area. Where they are getting $.99 milk at is a mystery to us, we have never seen that price on milk.

  84. Nikki
    December 18 at 11:28PM

    As a German from Germany I grew up with ALDI. And without ALDI I could have never made it to stay here in the US for ten years now (where would I get my german Glühwein & Lebkuchen during Christmas time?!).

    Living in the Washington DC area, costs of living are outreagous!! So I really like shopping for good deals – it just leaves me with a better feeling, knowing that I saved some dollars.

    Not any of the stores here can beat ALDI pricewise. None. I went to all of them.

    Regarding the quality and taste… I guess people are different. My husband stopped buying the coffees from Italy (such as ILLY or LAVAZZA which are quite pricey in the US), because he really does like ALDI’s coffee!
    I brought him coffees from my last visit to Europe and he said I didn’t need to do that, because ge really likes the ALDI coffee too.
    I personally think ALDI’s cereal are the same good as the famous brands and I’m really a huge fan of their Organic Granola.

    Compared to other cheaper house brands, such as Walmart’s Great Value (which I find to be complete trash) I really like ALDI’s brands much better.

    My second favorite store here is Trader Joe’s which happens to be ALDI’s sister store. Ha! Guess I’m just an Aldi fan.

    My third favorite store is Whole Foods – but I don’t feel like spending a whole paycheck on just one week of groceries, so I only go there for a very few items (such as their freshly baked breads).

    Thanks for the review and your input!
    And happy holidays!

  85. Amber
    December 28 at 03:57PM

    Great post! I was looking for a “buy this not this at Aldi” list and this was great. Most of the things you listed are things I already buy. I liked having a few things NOT to buy and agreed with a few! The biggest one I disagreed with NOT buying is Aldi’s canned cinnamon rolls. I LOVE to make my own homemade rolls, but sometimes, I need to just pop a can for time sake..and I’ve found that we LOVE the Aldi brand cinnamon rolls. IMO, they are leaps and bounds better than other name brand cans. I grew up on the name brand canned cinnamon rolls, but the Aldi taste better to me. 🙂 Other than that, I agree with the rest. I do buy the chips because my husband loves to have tortilla chips with his meals (I don’t salt food and that’s how he “salts” his ;)) and I do get them there. He hasn’t complained I continue to buy them.

    Love your site!! 😀

  86. cat
    December 30 at 06:27AM

    I’ve tried the spices. I don’t prefer the cinnamon over other brands in other stores. But, I like all the other Aldi spices the same as other stores’ brands. Also, Aldi tries to consider what I’ll need for the holidays. I like that they keep things like creme of tartar, nutmeg, cloves, and canned pumpkin around the holidays. Aldi having both green and ripe bananas is a mercy. Everyone has different feelings on when bananas are ready for eating. And, no, it hasn’t worked to try to explain to a 2 year old and language-delayed 5 year old, that the “bananas aren’t ripe yet”. Any strategy involving reason and logic with young children is doomed. So I’d just like to point out that the overly-ripe banana situation at Aldi is a blessing depending on who’s in your household. Dough, cereal, coffee, and chips (when I even buy them…which is rare) are not things I’m particular about. I suspect Aldi is acutely aware of her customer demographic. I feel like their corporate centers are reading my mind. On more than one occassion, I’ve thought, “Wow. I really wish Aldi sold such and such. Oh well.” And then a month or two later, voila! It’s there. Lately, I’ve been wanting them to carry GF oats (there are two people in my household who need GF. That’s another reason Aldi is my wallet’s friend). Usually, if I think it, Aldi makes it appear. Hopefully, this will hold true for the GF oats. lol.

  87. Kathy
    January 3 at 07:48PM

    I love Aldi! It’s like a scavenger hunt. I start there, and then finish at the local grocery store. I love their pasta’s, sauces, quinoa, eggs, cheeses, veggies, etc. Can’t say enough. If you haven’t tried them, you are missing out!!!!

    • Kathy
      January 3 at 07:51PM

      Oh, and I love the chips, gluten free pretzels, tea, and seasonal items. It is definitely a fun shopping trip. Oh, and I always leave the quarter in the cart. A personal ‘pass it forward’ type of deal 🙂

  88. January 7 at 01:07AM

    I’ve been shopping at Aldi for a couple years and it’s my favorite go to store, besides Walmart and Sprouts. My favorite items are their Specialty pasta sauces, so yummy!, their Agave (yummy), almond milk and chocolate cookies.

  89. Anonymous
    January 11 at 11:48AM

    I recently started shopping at Aldi and now I avoid regular grocery stores as much as possible. If I spend $100 at Aldi that equates to what I used to get for $250 at Giant! The only items I have found issues with is their bagels and their brand of shredded cheese. The bagels have a strange texture and aren’t good un-toasted, and the happy farms shredded cheese tastes odd and gets very gummy when melted. I am a brand snob about some things i.e. Philadelphia cream cheese and Heinz ketchup; but If I only need to go to other grocery stores for a few select items I’m happy! Coupons are time consuming. Aldi takes the work out of getting the best price! I recommend the store to everyone.

  90. Denise Devlin
    January 12 at 01:45PM

    I regularly shop at Aldi. Their prices are “reasonable”, and the overall quality is good. I do most of my food shopping there. However, many of their items have a very high salt content. So much so, that I have actually NOT bought the items I was intending to buy on more than one occasion because of this.

    • Bargaineer
      January 12 at 03:07PM

      Can you name some specific products that have higher salt content comparatively? It would be helpful.

  91. January 14 at 12:55AM

    Like the flatbread pizza, like the k cup’s , love the brioche buns, like the peanut butter pretzels, like the caramel corn when they have it, has very little husks, also like the croissants as well.
    Don’t like the lunch meat or some of the block cheese’s.

  92. Nora
    January 14 at 01:59PM

    I have to disagree, the k-cup coffee is great and I’m a coffee snob. Also they have some new healthy cereal options that are great. We can’t forget there milk is horemone free and you don’t pay extra!!!

  93. Bobbi
    January 28 at 05:55PM

    I’m a new Aldi Shopper. Trust Trader Joes, so I trust Aldis. I’m usually buying for one person (myself). I appreciate Aldi because they don’t discount for buying 2 or 3 or even 10 of items I need. The regular markets have gone overboard with this trying to keep up with big box stores. It makes shopping complicated. Plus, I shouldn’t pay more because I only want one of the sale items. I’m over the big box stores because I spend too much money buying more than I need and more than I can store.

    I buy all my gas at COSCOs. But I’m starting to wonder if the savings add up to the cost of the card which has gone up considerably. I think Aldi has a winning idea…SIMPLICITY AND SAVINGS. Everybody is not living in a big family and want healthy, cost efficient, fresh food. I prefer more quick trips to the market over wasting food and using my small, but organized space for storing too many of the sme items or big containers.

    Keep up the good work, Aldi. Your time has come.

  94. Adena
    February 8 at 07:53PM

    I’m trying to do my shopping list and added to the cart but can only add when I can see the product. I put in bread and it asked me for the price. How can I know how much I’m spending before I go to Aldis where I love to shop.

  95. Charles Dale
    February 25 at 01:34PM

    How are the quality of their paper towels? I buy Bounty because of their quality but they are expensive. Are Aldi paper towels as good in quality as Bounty?

    • Bargaineer
      February 26 at 01:47AM

      Paper towels are so much a personal preference. You like Bounty, which are okay for me, though my favorite is VIVA. You can’t go wrong buying a roll of Aldi’s. If you don’t like it you can get double your money back, no questions asked.

  96. Herp
    February 28 at 11:50AM

    No, they haven’t removed ALL artificial ingredients, nor have they stopped carrying products which are GMO, non-organic, or use pesticides. There are adding to their lists instead.

  97. Susan Reynolds
    March 10 at 05:17PM

    We live near DC. We shop almost exclusively at Aldi & Save a Lot (similar to Price Rite). We only shop at Giant or Wegmans for their sale items.
    We especially LOVE Aldi’s produce, canned goods, ORCHIDS!!!!, red tag specials, milk, orange juice, ground turkey, frozen wings, indian sauces, basmati rice, peanut butter baking chips, Pumpkin Roll (a seasonal bakery item… this item is SO GOOD.. similar to buche de noel but made of Pumpkin rolled up in a log with pastry cream), my Mom loves their Stollen, their apple pie with the crumble top is almost like homemade, Their Easter time round Carrot Cake with thick cream cheese icing is fantastic. Their frozen ravioli w/bread crumbs (comes in a box)… these are so good in an air fryer, their knock off Nutella spread is good, once they offered a sock eye salmon in the can , Their copy cat girl scout cookie thin mints, knock off rice krispies, We don’t buy too much meat there but after CHristmas you can get a ham for $4 and freeze it. Nathan’s hot dogs are good. Items they discontinued that we dearly miss: Aldi brand (Rocher type) chocolates that came 16 per box at Valentine’s day… discontinued but awesome. Also their thick chocolate bar with rice … awesome but discontinued. Their chocolates are all good but not quite as good as Cadbury in my opinion…. The PERUVIAN ground coffee (not always offered ) is good but we prefer Save A Lot’s Columbian K cups (36 k cups for $12) or we buy Eight O clock coffee on sale at Giant. Ice cream in general is going down hill the more companies add corn syrup… Hard to find any good ice cream anymore. Oh, and their Danish butter cookies (actually from Denmark) in the blue can are very good. We love ALdi

  98. Lynn Cannon
    March 26 at 11:12AM

    How many times have you actually shopped at ALDI? Was it just for the article? Because you are about 80% right and the rest is just garbage.

    I faithfully shop nearly every day. I’m disabled, so going frequently, instead of huge, bulk shopping is best for me.

    Ya’ll want the truth about ALDI, ask me! I know all the secrets and ALDI has saved my family from starving many times.

    Some of the reporting in this article is simply opinion, and not an accurate one at that.

  99. March 27 at 08:49PM

    Although I love the store, there is no Aldi close to my home, so I shop there on occasion and stock up when I can. Recently, I was at a location in NYC, and when I went to pay the young women cashier demanded that the money be placed in her hand. As if it would’ve been TOO MUCH for her to pick the money up from the counter. She was being assertive, but it came across as discourteous. I’ve shopped at Trader Joe’s many, many times and no one has ever made that request. Maybe it was in an effort to keep the line moving along, but how Aldi treats its customers is important , as well.

  100. TJ Hubz
    May 2 at 04:42PM

    My ALDI favs, USA Florida
    Corned Beef Flats Cattle man’s Ranch a 10!
    Piano Tomato sauces- cheap and excellent.
    Canned Sliced Mushrooms.
    Chaucceur Chocolate with Hazelnuts
    Frozen Flounder (China but fresh tasting as can be)* rarely in stock.
    Happy Farms Cheeses the best and cheap.
    Almond milk as good as the other brands.
    Genoa Salami
    Baking goods and nuts
    Avoid all breaded seafood items- gross!

  101. Peter
    May 15 at 02:09PM

    I used to love Aldi’s in Washington, PA. The staff are very friendly and helpful and the produce is usually fairly priced. Our store is closing for remodelling tomorrow for a month, and I found out something that outrages me and may well cause me to pay higher prices elsewhere. Instead of either discounting the remaining produce at some point tomorrow, or donating it to the food bank (our county’s food bank warehouse is in the same city, minutes down the road), the have been ordered, by higher management to throw the produce in the trash after tomorrow. This bespeaks of a contempt for the customers and a disregard for corporate responsibility. Even they are worried that discounting the food might somehow hurt their bottom line, they could at least donate it to the food bank. Disgraceful, in my opinion.

    • Peter
      May 17 at 04:47PM

      I must correct my previous post with a red face. Aldi’s district manager and someone from corporate called to tell me that the above information is incorrect; the shift manager that I spoke to, whom I thought was the store manager, misunderstood his marching orders. They would donate any food that was not compromised (not spoiled) to the Food Bank. I have to say their response was very prompt and impressive and adds to my previous positive impression of Aldi’s.

  102. Bridget
    May 17 at 11:28AM

    Aldi DOES accept credit cards around the Houston locations and has since before this article was written.

  103. Vickie
    May 17 at 04:32PM

    Aldi’s now accepts credit cards. Check your local store to be sure, but in Georgia they now accept credit cards.

  104. Bargaineer
    May 17 at 05:09PM

    According to news reports earlier in 2017 and also this week, Aldi will spend $1.6 billion to remodel and expand more than 1,300 of its 1,600 U.S. stores in the next few years, including making more room for fresh and organic produce, as well as dairy, bakery and meat sections.

    Aldi, whose U.S. operations are based in Batavia, Illinois, is also in the midst of spending $3 billion on land, facilities and equipment to open, as previously announced, an additional 650 locations nationwide. Last year, for example, it entered the Southern California market.

    Yesterday, Aldi announced plans to spend about $180 million remodeling 130 of its 150 Chicago-area stores by 2020 — part of a broader effort to move its no-frills model into modern times.

    The stores will be brighter, more contemporary in design, and in some cases, slightly larger, up to about 13,000 square feet, to allow for an expansion of store-branded products marketed as natural and organic. Nationally, Aldi also intends to grow from 1,600 to 2,000 stores in the next three years. Traditionally known as a discounter, Aldi hopes its fresh look appeals to new and old customers alike.

    Our nearest Aldi in the Chicago western suburbs, finished a complete remodeling and expansion in early February – new lighting, all new shelving and coolers, wider aisles and greater product variety. Get ready for some big changes, because these folks are on a roll!

  105. Kathryn
    May 29 at 11:58AM

    I am a coffee snob too and the Dark Roast Fair trade certified arabica bean coffee at Aldi’s is EXCELLENT!!

  106. May 30 at 02:10PM

    Not agree about dough. I like it more then Pillsbury. When it goes on sale I stock up to make croissants with cheese for lunch. Fast, easy, and my family always loves them. I use two packages at a time and they are completely gone in half an hour. Veggie chips are also good. Not exactly, but similar to Trader Joe’s. They often have good deals for ham. Prices for organic yogurt and eggs are also decent.

  107. Chris
    June 4 at 10:50PM

    Having read all these comments all I can say is that taste buds differ. 🙂 The very first Aldi I was in was in 1994 in Mishawaka, IN. I walked around and left empty handed. I couldn’t see what the fuss was about. The store was gross and dirty, and the produce was rotting. Fast forward however many years, and I live in Kalamazoo, MI and there is all this hoopla about Aldi opening. I couldn’t imagine why people were excited over dirty stores and rotten produce. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I finally listened to my friend and checked out Aldi here. Amazing. We shop here often now. Love our newer stores and the remodels. I skipped some of the middle comments so maybe I missed someone writing this: Has no on mentioned the ice cream here? It is the best for price!!!

  108. GW
    June 7 at 05:30PM

    We have been eating Aldi pizza on an almost weekly basis on movie night for months and have never been disappointed. Pepperoni is my favorite, but their other offerings are good too. None of the varieties skimp on toppings. My sons really like their Buffalo chicken pizza (hot!), but they don’t have that one very often. And the price cannot be beat. Aldi rocks.

  109. breadlover
    June 12 at 01:25PM

    Our favorite is Whole Rye Kernels bread. it is a 100% rye bread!

  110. Mary M-P
    July 6 at 09:21AM

    My biggest concern is the canned food. Which are canned in third world countries?

    • b
      August 20 at 04:47PM

      Um…no. Why would you think that?

  111. July 14 at 07:26AM

    This was fine until you got the to the “Avoid” list.

    1. Chips are sold by weight, not volume. If you can’t figure out the volume for a given weight, it’s not ALDI’s fault your bowl is too big for the bag. While chips might not be “healthy”, ALDI chips are not only far better tasting than the name brand, but they’re often much fresher too.

    2. Being a U.S. Navy veteran, coffee is a major thing with me, and I find most people don’t know good from bad because they’re too messed up from being told good is bad and bad is good … and let’s not forget all those who have no idea what coffee is supposed to taste like because they’ve never had coffee that wasn’t adulterated by and laden with chemical residuals from paper filters! You won’t know good coffee until you get a percolator and good natural well or artesian spring water.

    3. The value of papergoods go well beyond coupons and prices, and if you’re concerned about septic system compatibility and actual value based upon the predominant single-use application, even if you manage to find a store that will stack coupons, you’re probably still wasting money buying name brand as opposed to generic or janitorial grade.

    4. Plain and simple fact of life is that all pre-made frozen and canned dough sucks. Not only does NONE of it taste good, it’s chock full of preservatives, trans fats and GE/GMO poisons. It only takes ten minutes to mix homemade fresh dough that not only tastes a whole lot better, but it isn’t poisoning you with chemical stew. From biscuits to pasta and naan bread, I don’t buy any of the pre-made slop.

    5. Cereals are another staple item in my house and having compared name brands to most all generic and store brands, ALDI’s Millville brand is at the top of the list for taste and quality, followed very closely by Malt-o-Meal. Combine Aldi’s great cereal with ALDI soy milk, and you’ve got the makings of a great day!

  112. JN
    July 29 at 06:03PM

    This blog post was good until you added the ‘avoid buying’ section.

    Crisps or chips are sold by weight and the air is added to maintain freshness.

    ALDI’s coffee tastes delicious. I buy the German coffee that they sell both the medium/robust types, and the light roast.

    ALDI’s cereals taste great and are less expensive.

  113. Anonymous
    July 31 at 02:09PM

    I have been buying Friendly Farms Greek yogurt, raspberry and strawberry TRADITIONAL (blended, with no fruit on the bottom) for years, and you have been out of it at the Florence store for about two months. I check twice per week or more often, and you are still out. What gives?

  114. Jim
    August 3 at 02:31PM

    I love Aldi. Stay away from the eggs, though. They are not the freshest, at least not very fresh here in Wisconsin. Also, I wish they’d offer corn on the cob in the husk instead of half-husked and wrapped up in a meat tray. Aldi is the best place for frozen ground beef patties and frozen boneless skinless chicken. They have also recently started carrying 1-2-3 vegetable oil which is the best in the world when cooking pork (schnitzel or sweet and sour.) The goat cheese is very good. The flatbread is overpriced. I always have a quarter in my car for Aldi.

  115. Lorena
    August 22 at 05:43PM

    They are taking credit and debit cards at their stores in Florida now

  116. DA
    September 12 at 09:30AM

    I like this store though I need to try more things. Bought the boxed mashed potatoes because i saw someone else get it. Too bad it was not good to me. Went in the trash. Produce l, butter /Cheese, deals in the middle etc. look good. I’ll be going back soon for the deals! Friendly people.

  117. September 23 at 02:32PM

    Do you sell vanilla kefir?

    • Nancy
      September 23 at 09:35PM

      The Aldi in our town sells strawberry and blueberry kefir. I don’t know if other stores have vanilla, but usually the stock is similar across all stores. On the plus side, the same brand of kefir in the local discount grocery is nearly a dollar more per bottle, so if you can use the flavors available at Aldi, it’s a very good deal.

  118. ANGELA
    October 4 at 10:11PM

    We got an Aldi in town last week. Oddly enough on the credit card front, even though it is a brand new store, they don’t have chip readers. But they do have Apple Pay.

  119. Bargaineer
    October 16 at 11:08PM

    With Halloween approaching, our local Aldi stores are featuring a seasonal special – a 22 ounce Pumpkin Cake/Cream Cheese Roll for $3.99. It turns out this is a real bargain because I found the exact same product – with a different brand label pasted on the plastic clamshell container – selling for $4.99 and $5.99 “specials” in two other local supermarkets!

  120. Florylhue
    October 30 at 12:13PM

    What we love @ Aldi:
    Moo Tubes (Yo plait tube dupe)
    Chocolate bread mix – add in their mini chocolate chips for a little extra
    Chocolate chips
    Almond milk
    Big tub of buttered spread (Country Crock dupe for more than 1/2 less)
    Penguin crackers
    Veggie chips (not the sticks/straws – CHIPS)
    wheat crackers
    fruit ring cereal (I like this more than regular fruit loops)
    Fruit pouches
    Fruit & veggie gummy pouches (we give away at Halloween)
    Kid’s organic apple or pear juice

  121. Mary
    November 2 at 03:59PM

    My daughter is an avid apple sauce in the pouch eater. At mainstream stores a box of 4 pouches can cost up to $7!!
    ALDI’s sells pouches individually for $.69! That’s less than $3 for 4 pouches. Love ALDI’s!

  122. Jeff
    November 29 at 01:09PM

    The articles chip comment is way off so maybe they wrote it and Aldi changed things. I am a chip addict and I can tell you when I compared Clancy’s Dorito style Aldi gives you 1 more ounce for 99-1.29 versus Doritos full price of $4.00 and on sale maybe $3.00 so there is no comparison. Not sure why they said it’s full of air. That’s the issue with all chips so just read the amount of actual contents and don’t squeeze the Charmin to try to figure it out. Aldi’s is the best for price. I’m more concerned about the wet cat food since it’s super cheap. I’m trying to research and see if it’s good since it seems to say meat by product as the top ingredients.

  123. BB
    December 9 at 06:55AM

    Aldi is always worth the trip! I’ve tried many things to compare to the big brands and Aldi can stand proud. I’m surprised that that no one has mentioned the toilet paper. I go out of my way to purchase Aldi’s brand and have found out that I’m not the only one! The organic canned vegetables are very good and so are the jellies. I would shop there more often except for the fact that the store near me is small and there are some things that they just don’t have.

  124. Ralph Robbins
    December 14 at 09:31PM

    Just tried Aldi’s Beaumont Coffee. There are few brands of coffee I have yet to try, but I’m favorably impressed by this one. It’s certainly as good or better than Folgers and Maxwell House and on a par with many expensive brands.

  125. Maria
    December 20 at 12:00PM

    I have been buying at Aldi for more than 10 years. They products get better and better everytime. I remember it used to be known as the store for poor/low income people, but now I see how their clientele has changed. It is very convenient, you know if you are going grocery shopping at Aldi you have to carry your quarter and your own bags. However you can always grab a carton box from the store and carry your groceries in it.
    The products are in their majority of excellent quality and taste, and prices cant compare, even with coupons at other stores, it’s rare you do and not all of us are or have time to chase coupon deals at other stores. I disagree with the coffee comment, and disagree about the cereals too, yes, thay may taste different than the big brands but it’s because of the lack of artificial flavoring the kids and most people are used to. The frozen section is excellent, I alway get my seafood from them. They also carry giant scallops for about 10 dlls a bag! The goat cheese is about 1.99…. it’s all a matter of knowing what to buy, and what choices of food one have. They have been carrying wines and other alcoholic drinks for a while now. I love the wine selection. They carry a big bottle of Sangria which is delicious and very low on price of course. The canned items are way cheaper than anywhere else, and I could go on and on. If you haven’t tried Aldi, it’s time you do. In addition, this store is an equivalent of Trader Joe’s with a slight variety in items or different packing, that’s all.

  126. Wendy
    December 21 at 02:02PM

    Best place to buy Bustelo espresso coffee. It’s my husband’s favorite (he’s Cuban) excellent quality coffee…we always bought it at the Spanish grocery store, but happy to find it at Aldi. Cheaper even than Walmart. Waiting for them to stock decaf for me 🙂

    • All D Ali
      January 2 at 11:55PM

      love decaf dessert coffee, heavy cream and sugar. who needs caffeine? other than addicts! ~ha

    January 2 at 01:38AM

    God bless Aldi. They have lowered my weekly food bill by at least 30 percent. I agree with the author’s suggestions. I would also add that I had some excellent ahi tuna, scallops, Mama Cozzi pizza, ham, salami, gouda cheese, greek yogurt, etc., etc., etc.

    We are in love with the chocolate covered almonds. AMAZING!

    As I wrote above: god bless Aldi and the other RELATED German-owned firm that bought Trader Joe’s. HOPEFULLY THESE FIRMS LAST FOREVER.

    • K
      March 10 at 09:34PM

      Aldi owns Trader Joe’s. They two companies are divided into Aldi North and Aldi South in Germany.

  128. All D Ali
    January 2 at 11:52PM

    Bremer brand meatloaf not fit for dogs.

  129. Diana Holler
    January 5 at 11:34PM

    I shop at. Aldi’s eveRy week. I do not buy beef there. I always buy their center cut pork chops and their chicken tenders, boneless skinless. . Pork chops are the best. Flour tortillas are our favorites. Chocolate from Germany creamy and delicious. Eggs, milk, butter, whipping cream, hal and half all good. I love the cheeses. All grated cheese has flour on it. Cream cheese is as good as Philadelphia cream cheese. I make cheesecakes with Aldi’s brand and there is no difference except the price! Organic tortilla chips are great. Our grocery chains in St. Louis have no better produce than Aldi’s. I use a lot of colored peppers cooking, best price at Aldi’s. Frozen corn is so sweet, peas and green beans great. Nothing to complain about.

  130. Jenna Jenna
    January 13 at 07:12AM

    I actually find their cereals to be a bargain in most cases, in the area I live, considering what I’m looking for.
    My family eats artificially dye-free foods only. It’s really hard at our other local grocers to find dye-free cereals (unless I want to pay $4/10oz box), so this is why I love them; $1.49/box! My kid’s like their selection, so it’s perfect for us.
    I do buy other brands of organic cereals when they’re on sale at other stores, however.
    Regarding their produce; I feel like I have to buy it and consume it quickly or it goes bad quickly, and it often comes with fruit flies. I deal with this, seeing as how it is less expensive half the time. We fortunately have a grocer who often has great deals on organic produce so I don’t buy a lot at Aldi. But if I need it and I’m already there, yes I’m going to get it!
    Thanks for this article!

  131. January 16 at 02:36PM

    Most factory farms today kill their grains with herbicides like Roundup (glyphosphate) right before harvest. Then they are left to dry for a couple of days before being harvested, processed and made into those dry cereals we conveniently feed our kids . . . or did in the old days. Cheerios has been a favorite for decades (Cheerioats in the 40s) but has been tested to indicate that it is one of the most contaminated products on the market today. Of course the box is interesting and cute. I miss Cheerios but I sure don’t eat it or offer it to my great-grand kids. Aldi’s little round “o’s” are probably no different but how can we know. It’s not labeled. So I just don’t buy it.

    I’m also a scratch cook/baker and buy organic frozen veggies for storage life. I buy organic flour from KAF. That doubled the cost of my home made bread but I can eat it and hopefully not worry that it has pesticides and other health damaging chemicals in it. I’d like to know more about where Aldi’s cereals and baking products come from.

  132. Leslie Fidler
    January 24 at 01:31AM

    I love lots of items at Aldi, but my absolute favorites are their whipping cream, Brie rounds, brioche hamburger buns, cheeses, chocolate items, Appleton Farms Ham, and their produce (but do have to look it over). So happy for the savings!

  133. Joel
    January 28 at 10:54AM

    I just want to say that I am a coffee snob and Aldis has a fantastic South American line of whole bean coffee that I love because it reminds me of Kauai Coffee in Hawaii and is 1/5 the cost per bag. I won’t say which country of origin I prefer though as I’ve noticed it is getting harder for them to keep it on the shelves and that’s the snob in me.

  134. Anonymous
    February 13 at 12:19PM

    my wife and I shop at aldi almost exclusively. There a few items that are sub-par, but other stores with national brands have sub-par items too.
    As far as produce from outside the US, exactly where are fresh strawberries, etc, going to come from in Dec, January, etc, until June at the earliest in Akron, Ohio, nothing locally!
    As far as the canned soup comment, who eats canned soup anyway?
    Even name brands are awful.

  135. Anonymous
    February 16 at 01:09PM

    Here is some good news! We have been concerned about GMOs in our food. Read the sides of boxes way at the bottom in tiny letters it will say “Partially produced with genetic engineering.” We looked on Aldi’s website and they specifically state that their products are NOT made with gmos.

  136. Pam
    February 18 at 12:23AM

    I shop at Aldi mainly for the organic items whose prices can’t be topped elsewhere. For example, I recently bought 1 pint of organic grape tomatoes at $2.49 there while at that big name health food store they’e around $4. Also, while the regular bananas may be awful, the organic bananas are always flavorful and less expensive than the same at other stores. The same goes for the organic eggs. An added boon is that periodically they stock low cost frozen vegetarian entrees. I’ve heard Aldi doesn’t stock foods containing gmos. If, in fact, Aldi and Trader Joes’s are sisters then I guess it’s a safe assumption. However, I’d really like to know for sure.

  137. Bargaineer
    March 11 at 12:48AM

    There have been some negative comments about Aldi’s fresh eggs, including one that’s not only incorrect but bordering on malicious. Like most grocery chains, Aldi buys fresh eggs from third-party regional egg producers. No significant difference there. As required by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, all egg cartons sold in the U.S. are required to carry a uniform format of date code for when the eggs were packed and the plant of origin. In general they generally also show an “sell by” or “expiration” date. Properly stored, eggs are regarded as safe to eat for a a period of weeks beyond the sell date.

    For details, see this web page on the National Egg Board site.

  138. Harry Balzak
    March 11 at 02:28PM

    Oh man I loves me some Aldi. As others have stated their German chocolate is sublime, and their Kinroo beer is actually very tasty. It’s a Belgian White very similar to blue moon. Add an orange and your set. The problem I’ve found with their fruits and vegetables is that it always looks like a bomb went off in the aisle. Let’s face it, some of Aldi’s patrons May have had challenged upbringings, or may come from other cultures where keeping things orderly are not a priority. I witnessed a couple of families throwing out fruits and vegetables out of the pallets to get to the lower level ones….hmmm. So all the fruit and vegetables on the floor are going to be picked up by whom? And sold to whom? In some ways it can resemble a U.N. food relief station. But outside of the fruit and vegetable train wreck their fit and active brands are superb.

  139. TOM B
    March 22 at 07:29PM


  140. Ben
    April 2 at 10:28PM

    Two words of caution:

    On the chicken – it is loaded with water weight! So you don’t actually get the amount of chicken the packaging says. It works out to about $2.50 a pound, instead of 1.89 – still a good buy – but also good to know.

    On the produce – it has not been a good buy in our experience. It spoils much too quickly, and is not always that great. We have found much better deals, etc. at Sprouts.

  141. Melissa Thayer
    April 10 at 04:01PM

    I wish that the Aldi’s here in the U.S. had yarn and craft items like they do in the U.K. In my FB knitting group they talk about getting yarn at Aldi’s quite often. I have never seen anything like that here in Oklahoma.

    I do find them to be a good store overall and do a lot of my shopping there.

  142. Heather
    April 30 at 12:03PM

    I find the opposite to be true about bananas…everytime I am there, their bananas are still green, needing a few days to ripen up.

  143. Mac
    May 3 at 03:08PM

    I have to STRONGLY disagree that ALDI’s potato chips and cereal have no taste! I have always eaten the brand name and they have changed and become more oily tasting. The same to Walmart’s Great Value…horrible. I’ve returned more ‘stale’ bags of chips to Walmart.
    ALDI provide chips (potato, taco, tortilla chips, flavored) that are VERY flavorful and in 9 out of 10 bags they have not been broken in to tiny little bits. Also large full chips.

  144. Karen
    June 14 at 08:14AM

    The Aldi’s brand salmon is very fishy tasting. I bought a large pack of it and it contains preservatives. But I do like their chocolate selection and home storage items.

  145. Marie
    July 6 at 08:09PM

    I disagree about potato chips. The Clancy brand at ALDIs are delicious and just as good as any national brand. Same goes for pretzel rods. And the produce specials are excellent.

  146. D
    July 13 at 11:46AM

    I like Aldi’s only wish they’d use glass for organic products since there is NO SAFE PLASTIC!!! there are always carcinogenic elements leaching into food when stored in pladtic.

  147. D
    July 13 at 11:49AM

    Wish their organic products were in non carcinogenic glass which is also 100% recyclable. Not all plastic is!

  148. MoonLightOnWater
    August 11 at 08:55AM

    Aldi is amazing! I’ve lived in the Midwest, Pacific Northwest and now the Mid-Atlantic regions of the USA and I can honestly write that Aldi remains my favorite grocery store.

    As a person who prefers fresh produce and meats and prefers making EVERYTHING from sratch, Aldi offers the best quality for the price. Also as a coffee snob, I completely disagree with the article…Aldi whole bean coffee is some of the best for the price.

  149. Jerri G
    October 10 at 12:28PM

    ALDI products don’t have MSG, that we have found. So, we often buy ALDI chips and snack foods. Additionally, eggs and milk and other dairy items are great quality, and reasonably priced. I even tried whole bean coffee last week–the Peruvian beans were tasty, IMO. However, I’ve tried a few other types of coffee there that were lackluster.
    While we don’t usually shop the seasonal stuff, there are occasional deals we cannot pass up. My children were pleased with the large pumpkins I brought home this week–for only $2.50, each!!

  150. Coco
    October 17 at 03:57PM

    Aldi is the best store to shop! Cereal? Cereal at Aldi is at least 3 times cheaper than in other stores. So what do we need coupons for? “Buy 3, get $1 off.” No jokes, please. Without coupons at Aldi, you still save a lot! Much more than in other stores. I love Aldi, especially the Friendly Farms “Iced coffee.” Wow!

  151. SamJS
    October 18 at 07:20AM

    First of all I disagree with your comment about not bothering with the $4.99 a bag for coffee at Aldi. A couple of years ago I came across some coffee at the local Flying J Truck Stop that was being sold at Sumtran Coffee. It was basically love at first sip. It was a very BOLD grab yer tongue and shake it type of coffee, not this flavorless tepid tap water some places pass off as “Coffee”. Unfortunately it wasn’t a regular blend of coffee they carried and in a couple of weeks it disappeared. I asked if they could give me the brand name, in hopes I could buy some somewhere. According to one of the cashiers they use to sell the pre-measured bags they use in their big urns, but when she checked on their computers they don’t any longer. Since then I bet I’ve tried at least a dozen other brands of Sumatra Coffee paying from $5 to $12 a pound and NONE of it comes close to what Flying J was selling. I stopped into Aldi and saw they have Sumatra Coffee in their $4.99 bag so grabbed a bag to give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised to find this has the same bold flavor that lets you know, THIS IS COFFEE! Love IT! So keep your buck or two more a bag for Good Coffee, my palate prefers this selection.

  152. November 21 at 11:45AM

    Here in the UK i have been using Aldi for a good few years now. Most of what we need can be purchased far cheaper than any of the big supermarkets like Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. Aldi is a no-nonsense supermarket that sells a lot of stuff from around Europe over here and the prices are so keen for good quality products we can get a trolly full of food for half the price we’d have to pay elsewhere. In the UK. Meat products are very expensive, but whilst no a lot cheaper than elsewhere the quality is superior in my opinion. A good sized rib eye steak is around £4 ($5.12) and a bottle of reasonable French Pinot Noir (decant back to the bottle for best results) around £4.69 ($6) cheap by my usual standards but very drinkable after breathing awhile. Well done Aldi.

  153. Meli Truji
    December 31 at 01:14PM

    Well, I’ve been impressed with the quality of most everything I’ve purchased at Aldi. EXCEPT for tonight. I bought what looked like a fantastic roast — stuffed with apples and some kind of nut. My husband, watching it in the oven, kept saying, “Huh, there’s no fat coming out of this.” We understood why when we took the first bite. It was like Spam. Disgusting. So don’t buy that either. Yikes.

  154. Meli Truji
    December 31 at 01:15PM

    Well, I’ve been impressed with the quality of most everything I’ve purchased at Aldi in Barcelona. EXCEPT for tonight. I bought what looked like a fantastic roast — stuffed with apples and some kind of nut. My husband, watching it in the oven, kept saying, “Huh, there’s no fat coming out of this.” We understood why when we took the first bite. It was like Spam. Disgusting. So don’t buy that either. Yikes.

  155. Jane
    January 16 at 08:07AM

    I have to disagree with the suggestion that Aldis Coffee is not up to par, and ” should stay on be shelf”. Aldis offers fair trade coffee, and also Organic Coffee where I live. It is a good price, and a very good coffee. Just saying.

  156. Owen
    January 24 at 06:47PM

    Rubber Peaches and Nectarines!
    Whilst I really do enjoy shopping at Aldi and most goods I find are of high quality, I take exception to the Peaches , Nectarines and Bananas.
    I buy a kilo of peaches, they look good but they need a couple of days to ripen fully…that’s ok ,leave out in the fruit bowl, but when they finally soften its like eating a rubber peach with no juice, Bananas quite often turn to mush.
    What are you guys doing to the fruit?

  157. Owen
    January 24 at 06:50PM

    Woeful Peaches and Nectarines!
    Whilst I really do enjoy shopping at Aldi and most goods I find are of high quality, I take exception to the Peaches , Nectarines and Bananas.
    I buy a kilo of peaches, they look good but they need a couple of days to ripen fully…that’s ok ,leave out in the fruit bowl, but when they finally soften its like eating a rubber peach with no juice, Bananas quite often turn to mush.
    What are you guys doing to the fruit?

  158. vero garcia
    January 27 at 05:34AM

    I have 2 products here in TX which I love, but they are hard to get

    chocolate bar COFFEE and CREAM

    absolutely delicious

    they told me that the cherries are only available around Christmas time,
    but I asked customer service for more availability
    still waiting on the answer

    I tried their German soup DEUTSCHE KUECHE
    and did not like it at all because it was TOO SALTY

    when I still was in Germany I loved to shop there
    there were a lot of products I loved
    a coconut chocolate square bar
    and also
    their coffee

    both delicious

  159. Ria Swift
    January 30 at 02:27PM

    I worked on a fishing boat in Alaska. I’ve harvest every kind of salmon there is. I bought the frozen salmon, thawed a piece and was very disappointed. You haven’t mentioned where the salmon are from. I’ve never seen salmon with discoloration, of any kind, anywhere. Couldn’t bring myself to eat it. Doesn’t feel like salmon when thawed, falls apart imm. something is very wrong with their salmon. I wouldn’t eat. It’s ridiculously inexpensive for a reason.

  160. Doreen Klein
    March 2 at 02:56PM

    I shop Aldi’s for the past year or so and find it fine. Never a problem with fruit, especially bananas, and they’re almost always cheaper than the stores in my area, I find very little difference in most of the cereals from the main brands (can’t tell about the sugar-coated kids kinds-I don’t buy them). With chips, I find the Aldi’s brand better tasting. Milk is always below price from the other stores. Eggs are cheaper most of the time (unless the bigger stores are having a big sale). Some of the fruit is a little more expensive. Overall I love Aldi’s as a staple store.

  161. Mary G
    March 3 at 01:48PM

    I’m concerned about the meats at Aldi. I recently read that if a package of turkey or chicken says “fed a vegetarian diet,” it means that the pellets of food fed to the animal could (and probably do) contain Round Up!!! Can someone help me sift through this info?

  162. Rob S.
    April 20 at 05:47PM

    I am definitely an Aldi fan. I disagree, however, with your post on cereals. My son inhales Cheerios so that is what I eat, too. The Millville Os are the best deal around, and I mix the honey with plain in a large canister so what we eat isn’t overly sweet.

  163. Tina M
    May 12 at 12:59AM

    Don’t know how old these posts are, but read thru most of them. Seems its time to try their coffee again, its been years since I tried the first two bags – and both went into the trash after the first pot!

    I love Aldi though it is possible to get things that aren’t good. Their condensed soups used to be fabulous, but the last can I bought was (as another poster stated) vile! Couldn’t believe anyone could screw up bean with bacon that hideously.

    I don’t buy much processed food – prefer to cook from scratch – so I don’t have many complaints regarding staples. They have the best loaf of bread in town – an Italian 2# boulle made in Chicago always under $4. Great dairy products-even the new ice cream. And eggs as good as “Eggland’s Best” ( I did a side by side test) that are usually .38 – .85 cents per dozen.

    No one has mentioned the oyster crackers. They are fantastic! I’ll often grab a handful just to munch on like chips and run them thru the food processor and you have the BEST breadcrumbs – a thousand times better than Panco with none of the disgusting chemical smell you get from a Panco package.

    Sure there are things they don’t carry, but I’m fortunate in that with a slight variation in my 5 mile commute home from work I have my choice of 4 ethnic grocers and Trader Joes.

    Its rare that I set foot in Kroger, Whole Foods, etc.

    As a single person that doesn’t eat processed convenience foods -couponing is a complete waste of time.

  164. Richard
    May 18 at 03:58AM

    I will disagree about chips, if they’re fresh they’re worth the money. The same goes for cereal, don’t expect these items taste good as long as brand name items.
    THE item to avoid is soda crackers. They always seem half stale. The club and HiHo styles are much better.

  165. Ben
    June 19 at 12:29AM

    I have no problem with the chips – Clancy’s!… Or the cereal… I think it’s fine.. Here’s what I don’t like.:
    1) The Chicken Salad. Too sweet and “pickley”… And the ranch and chipotle chicken salads aren’t any better. Most regular stores have very tasty chicken salad honestly. At least around here in upstate NY. Theirs tastes like that overly sweet mac salad that you get at EVERY store..
    2) The Mustard Potato Salad isn’t good either. But the Original is awesome!. It’s sweet but is incredibly creamy and “oniony”… Very good – in fact I’ll put it up against any store….
    3) The salad mixes don’t last. It may say on the bag’s date that it’s good for several days. But they realistically have a two day life before they get slimy and uneatable. By the time the expiration date arrives those mixes always look like slimy seaweed.

  166. Ben
    June 19 at 12:41AM

    I also disagree that the “Red Hot Deals” are great. They’re not. In fact, I find that usually, there is a similar item in the regular section of the store that is cheaper and ALWAYS cheaper. I feel like its a trick to get you to buy something they want to get rid of for more than a similar item in the store. You see that red tag and it fools you to believe its a good deal.. Don’t believe me? See for yourself next time! Chips, frozen food, etc… Says “on special” But if you go to the regualr spot for comperable items, it’s cheaper…. Its a scam

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