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Efficient Couponing: How to Save More in Less Time


By now most of us know that using coupons is a great way to save money on groceries.  Shows like Extreme Couponing showed us just how dramatic those savings can be.   And who wouldn't want to get all their family's food for practically free?  The problem is that those dramatic savings often go hand-in-hand with [...]

Why I Don’t Always Use Coupons


I love saving money with coupons.  I don’t always love using coupons.  Because, let’s face it, clipping coupons—enough to really save a LOT on groceries—is a lot of work. Yes, the payoff is often impressive—I mean, who wouldn’t want to bring home $127 worth of groceries for less than $0.25—but the truth is that using [...]

Publix Digital Coupons: The Good, The Bad, & The Nitty Gritty


For all of us loyal Publix shoppers here in the South, the launch of the new digital coupon service might be the most exciting coupon news since Publix released their official coupon policy almost two years ago.  This is BIG stuff, people!  (And I apologize in advance to all you non-Publix or non-coupon shoppers;  you [...]

How to Save on Food for the Holidays


Thanksgiving.  Christmas Dinner.  Holiday Parties.  Seasonal baking.  For most of us, food plays a starring roll in our holiday festivities.  We all have our favorites, that certain special dish we only eat once a year.  Without it Christmas or Thanksgiving just wouldn't be the same. Oh, the pressure. And while our mouths start watering at [...]

How to Save Big on Groceries at Walmart


Today I'm happy to welcome my friend Jenny to LWSL.  Jenny is not a blogger, but she is an expert at saving money on groceries--especially at Walmart!  I'm so happy to have her hear to share her expertise! This is a guest post from Jenny Camp Ever since starting a family, it had been convenient [...]

Meal Planning 101


One of the most challenging aspects of saving on groceries is trying to figure out what to actually make for dinner, when you've been diligent about shopping the sales and building up your stockpile.  After all,  there is nothing worse than suddenly realizing it is quarter after five, the kids are starving, and you have a [...]

How to Save BIG on School Supplies


I know what you're thinking: "Summer's barely started.  How can I possibly think about back-to-school shopping already?" Or maybe: "I don't even have kids in school.  Back-to-school shopping doesn't apply to me." Well guess what? Not only is it time for parents to start paying attention to the back-to-school sales that are just starting in [...]

How to Get Your Family Excited About Saving on Food


Last week I received an email from a reader who wondered what she could do to get her husband more enthusiastic about saving on groceries and using coupons.  It was a great question, and one that I hear quite a bit.  It got me thinking about how important it is to be on the same [...]

extreme couponing 101: FAQs

I do my best to respond to as many questions, comments, and emails as I can, but unfortunately, there are many times that I just can't get to them all.  I promise it doesn't mean I don't like you!  I love reading all your questions and comments, and even if I can't always answer directly, [...]

extreme couponing 101: rock bottom prices (& free download)

There is a lot of talk about "Rock Bottom Prices" in the coupon world.  In fact, when you break it down to the simplest level, Extreme Couponing really just means always buying things when they are at their lowest possible price (after sales and coupons), and buying enough of them to stockpile and last until [...]

Coupon Organization: Binder vs. Filing


I really don't like spending a lot of time messing with my coupons.  There are too many other things to do!  If you've read my Beginner's Guide to Coupons or watched this video on quick & easy coupon organization, you know that I have always been a proponent of using a filing method for organizing [...]

7 Ways to Save on Fresh Produce


"How do I save money on produce?" This is one of my most common reader questions. And, as a vegetarian and as a mom, it is a question that I personally face every week as well.  I save an incredible amount of money on my groceries with coupons, but I will readily admit that much [...]

How to Create a Stockpile


My husband makes fun of me sometimes because I use the word "stockpile" so often. But I can't emphasize enough the importance of having a well-stocked pantry for successful couponing.  Extreme couponing without a stockpile just doesn't work. What is a stockpile? For couponing purposes, a stockpile is your personal collection of food, toiletries, drugstore items, [...]

Warehouse vs. Coupon Shopping

  This morning I looked out my hotel window and was amazed to see SNOW on the ground!  I never thought of Nashville as being "north," but I guess when you live in Florida everywhere is north.  Besides a storm delay and getting lost trying to find the hotel, my trip so far has been relatively [...]

Quick and Easy Coupon Organization


Whenever people find out that I use coupons--either from reading this blog, or just seeing me in action at the grocery store, there is one comment I hear more than anything else: I would LOVE to use coupons, but I just don't have time for all that clipping and sorting." But today I'm going to [...]