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How to Make Money Blogging

Have you ever wondered if it is really possible to make a full time living from a blog? When I first started blogging, I made a ton of mistakes and learned some very hard lessons along the way, and I swore that if I ever figured it out, I would help everyone I could! Don’t miss this helpful post to find out exactly how to get started with blogging in just five easy steps!

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How to Think Like a Millionaire (5 Smart Things that Rich People Do That You Should Too!)

Ever wondered what sets millionaires apart from the rest of us? Surprisingly, it’s not fancy cars, private jets, or big houses, but often simply the way they THINK about money. If you’ve ever wished you could make it big, don’t miss these five smart tips for how to start thinking like a millionaire!

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29 Ways to Earn Extra Cash Fast

We’ve all faced a cash crunch at one time or another, and the reality is that when money is tight, it’s hard not to feel a little bit scared. Even so, there are plenty of ways to pad your wallet if you’re willing to think outside the box. Don’t miss these 29 smart ways to earn extra cash fast!

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Money, Money, Money: When to Spend It, Save It, Invest It

For better or for worse, your relationship with money affects everything else you do in life. It can make things easier, and it can make things a whole lot harder, which means the sooner you can figure out when to pinch and when to splurge, the better off you’ll be! And so, whether you have a little or a lot, here’s everything you need to know about when to spend, when to save, and when to invest!

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The Money You Didn’t Know You Had

Need a little extra cash? Believe it or not, there is an estimated $42 BILLION of unclaimed funds floating around out there, which means there might just be some money with YOUR name on it! Don’t miss these 6 simple ways to find hidden cash, plus how to claim it, (and what to do with it.) It might just be the most productive thing you do all week!

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How to Leave the 9-5 Behind For Good (Think It’s Impossible? Think Again!)

Between the list of hurried morning to-dos and the daily commute, are you stressed out before you even get to the office? For working moms, the struggle is REAL! But we’ve all got to pay our bills, right? But…what if there were another option? What if you could leave the 9 to 5 behind, become your own boss, and start your own business? If you’ve ever dreamed that it might be possible, don’t miss these 6 steps for turning your passion into profit!

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How to Negotiate a Pay Raise

Are you getting paid what you are worth? Saving and budgeting are all well and good, but if you want to build wealth, you will also need to increase your income. Asking for a boost in pay might seem scary, but good employees are hard to find, and if you are a rockstar, chances are your boss doesn’t want to lose you! Here’s everything you need to know about how to negotiate a raise!

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