Chalkboard canvas wall art--really cool mixed media project!I loved having my niece visit a couple months ago, not only because she is a total sweetheart, but also because she loves a good DiY project almost as much as I do. In the week she was here we made several cool projects, including these ombre vases, monogrammed felt baskets, and these cute mason jar candy pedestals. But my favorite, by far, was this chalkboard canvas wall art.

Did someone say Mod Podge and chalkboard paint? Seriously, what’s not to love?

I’m a little bit of a commitment-phobe when it comes to home-decor–I have yet to actually hang something on this big wall–so for me the biggest appeal of this piece of artwork is that I can change it up whenever I want. I love that it is interesting to look at, but still somewhat neutral. Who knows? Maybe one of these days I’ll even *gasp* hang it.

Chevron Chalkboard Canvas Wall Art

Here is what you need:

large canvas
old magazines (preferably ones with lots of text–we used Garden & Gun)
Mod Podge
paintbrushes (the 1 1/2″ disposable brushes work best)
blue painter’s tape
acrylic paint (I used cream; use something brighter for a bolder look)
black construction paper
sharpie marker
chalkboard paint

Chevron Chalkboard Canvas Wall Art

Step 1:  Tear out many, many, many pages of print from your magazines. This is a great task for kids!

Materials for chalkboard canvas wall art

Step 2: Trim your text into smallish rectangles. I trimmed most of the white space off.

Modge Podge the paper in random patterns

Step 3: Start Mod-Podging the rectangles onto the canvas.

Detail of the papers on the canvas

Step 4:  Keep Mod Podging until the entire canvas is filled, wrapping the newsprint around the edges as well. Be patient, it takes a while.

Allow the canvas to dry overnight

Step 5:  Prop up the canvas and let it dry overnight.

Using painter's tape, create a zig zag pattern at one end of the canvas

Step 6:  Using your blue painter’s tape, create a zig zag at one end of the canvas.

Repeat the zig zag pattern for the rest of the canvas- no need to be precise

Step 7:  Fill the rest of the canvas with zig zag stripes. I knew I would never be able to get them perfect (I don’t have nearly enough patience for that!) so I purposely made them a little imperfect. I like it a little better that way, but if you are one of those super perfectionist types, this step might take you a LONG time!

Paint over the canvas but don't let dry completely

Step 8: Paint over the portion of the canvas not covered in tape. Let dry, but not too long.

Carefully remove the tape from the canvas

Step 9: Very carefully remove the tape from the canvas.

Remove all the tape and let the paint dry the rest of the way

Step 10:  Keep removing the tape until canvas is clear, then sit back and admire your stripes. Let paint dry completely (overnight is best.)  You’re almost done!

Take two pieces of construction paper for your pattern

Step 11:  Tape 2 pieces of black construction paper together, then cut out your desired shape. I don’t know what this shape is called or how to tell you to draw it. I just did it freehand. It is also a little imperfect, but again, I like it that way.

Place the pattern on the canvas where you want the chalkboard paint to go

Step 12:  Place your paper shape on your canvas to determine where you want the chalkboard section to go.

Carefully trace the shape with a marker

Step 13:  Once you are satisfied with your placement, carefully trace the paper shape with your black sharpie marker.

Carefully paint your shape with chalkboard paint

Step 14: Carefully fill in shape with chalkboard paint; let dry.

Add several more coats, letting dry fully in between

Step 15:  Do 2-3 more coats of chalkboard paint, letting paint dry in between coats. After final coat, let paint cure for 24 hours, then season chalkboard by rubbing entire chalkboard surface with wide side of chalk. Wipe clean and you are good to go!

Chalkboard canvas wall art. Really cool mixed media project using decopage newsprint & chalkboard paint. Love the subtle chevron--there is so much you could do with this!

There is so much you can do with this idea–use bolder stripes for a brighter look, or simply change out the message and accessories to correspond to the season. Or sometimes just use it to remind yourself to breathe!

Completed chalkboard canvas project

*   *   *

How do you change up your wall art?


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