DIY Lip Balm Tins | DIY Lip Balm Container | DIY Crafts | How To Make Lip Balm Containers

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DIY Lip Balm Tins | DIY Lip Balm Container | DIY Crafts | How To Make Lip Balm Containers

This is a guest post is from Eden of Sugar and Charm.


Hi everyone! Iʼm Eden from Sugar and Charm and Iʼm thrilled to be sharing this easy, but really fun DIY project with all of you Living Well Spending Less readers!

If youʼre anything like me, you love your lip balm! I put it on several times throughout the day to keep my lips feeling soft, especially during the winter months. My husband also has his ChapStick in his pocket at all times, so this project is intended for both men and women. Since I’m always losing lip balms everywhere or my toddler is throwing them in the garbage, I decided to make my own so there could be an endless supply!

I thoroughly enjoyed creating a lip balm, that I can customize and add ingredients like organic coconut and beeswax…two very moisturizing ingredients! And instead of buying plastic cases to store it in, you can reuse adorable mint tins! They also make the cutest homemade gifts for family, friends or coworkers. Read below for the how-to!

Here is what you need:

beeswax {you can buy this at a craft store, use a coupon if you have one too! I used a 50% coupon which made it very affordable}
coconut oil
100% essential oil {any scent, I used orange and it smells so sweet!
double broiler
cheap turkey baster {that you don’t mind ruining!}
a variety of mint tins {I found some really cool mustache tins that I made for my husband, haha! Altoid tins work great as well}
a spatula for stirring
measuring spoons
rags for cleaning
To make 5-6 small lip balms:
6 Tablespoons Beeswax, shredded
3⁄4 cups coconut oil
10-15 drops 100% orange essential oil

Use beeswax to make DIY lip balm.

Step 1: Shred the beeswax (you can microwave it for a minute to soften it) then measure the coconut oil. The key to making your own lip balm is using more coconut oil than beeswax. Beeswax is very hard, you want your lip balm to be soft so you can apply it to your lips. Otherwise when it dries it will be just as hard as the beeswax.

Melt beeswax and coconut oil in a small pot and mix with a rubber spatula.
Step 2: Melt the beeswax and coconut oil in a double broiler or a metal bowl over a simmering pot of water. Once itʼs melted add in 15 to 20 drops 100% essential oil. Any scent, but usual scents that both women and men would like are orange, mint, lemon, etc.

Empty mint tins and keep kitchen baster near by.
Step 3: Clean the mint tins youʼve gathered and dry them completely.

Use kitchen baster to transfer beeswax mixture to containers.
Step 4: Using a turkey baster, fill each tin to the top of the hinges. Let it cool before using.

Allow beeswax mixture in mint tins to cool and harden.
Step 5: Once they’re cooled, you can tie a bow around them, throw them in a stocking or give them to your friends for Christmas. Or just keep a few extra on hand, so if you lose one or it mysteriously winds up in the garbage can you have back up!

DIY Lip Balm Tins | DIY Lip Balm Container | DIY Crafts | How To Make Lip Balm Containers

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If you could choose any flavor of lip balm what would it be? I would love to see what concoctions you would come up with!

DIY Lip Balm Tins | DIY Lip Balm Container | DIY Crafts | How To Make Lip Balm ContainersEden Passante started Sugar and Charm in 2010 as a way to share sweet recipes, entertaining inspiration and easy ways for adding a little charm to the everyday life. She’s a host of A&E’s Lifetime Moms- branded videos on entertaining, crafting and baking and also part of Martha’s Circle, a network of blogs chosen by Martha Stewart Editors. She lives in Los Angeles with my husband and darling baby boy, Romeo.!


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