DIY Candy Cane Vase


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For our Christmas party last year, I bought several Christmasy flower arrangements, carefully arranged them in vases, and placed them around the house.  Classy, perhaps, but completely unimaginative.  I’m pretty sure no one even noticed them.  Not exactly money well spent.
So this year I decided to get a little more creative (and thrifty) with my flower arrangement, with the idea to create something similar to this:
This DIY candy cane vase will make the perfect centerpiece at your holiday dinner table.
(image courtesy of
For this DIY candy cane vase project, you need an empty aluminum can, a glue gun, and a box of candy canes. Glue the candy canes to the side of the vase with the hooks facing outwards.
I grabbed Husband’s hot glue gun, an empty can, & a box of candy canes & started gluing.
Glue the candy canes around the entire outside of the aluminum can.

The tips of the wrappers might hang over the bottom; you can glue them down to the bottom of the jar. Glue a piece of felt, fabric, or scrapbook paper to the bottom of the can or jar to cover the plastic wrapper ends.
The wrappers hung down over the bottom, so I glued those down and then cut a circle of scrapbook paper & glued that over the wrappers.
For a finishing touch, add a strip of matching ribbon around the center of the vase.
I found a matching piece of scrap ribbon to tie around the candy canes & glued it in place.
You can use fake flowers of your choosing, or put real flowers in your new DIY candy cane vase.
I then found a bunch of artificial pointsettias in a box of unused Christmas decorations & used a wire cutter to cut them down to size.
This beautiful and easy DIY candy cane vase will look perfect on your holiday table, and it's an easy project.
I glued on a bow as the final touch and my arrangement was complete.
Cute, isn’t it?
Hopefully someone notices it this year.
(If not, my total cost for the project was less than $2)



  1. Alisha
    December 17 at 04:43PM


  2. Brittany
    December 18 at 06:58PM

    I love it too! That is awesome!

  3. Mama.Mommy.Mom.
    December 20 at 01:32AM

    So cute!

  4. Crystal
    December 20 at 06:11PM

    Um, YEAH it's cute!!! LOVE the idea, love how little you spent, too – amazing! 🙂 tfs

  5. Crunchyish Mama
    December 20 at 09:26PM

    Very cute and thrifty! It is my goal in life to one day be the kind of woman/mom who crafts her own stylish home decor. Until then, I'll just enjoy the reading about how other people do it.

  6. November 12 at 11:33AM

    Love!!! Love it. Cute and thrifty, great idea. Must try…

  7. November 12 at 11:38AM

    Love!!! Love it. Cute and thrifty, great idea. Must try..

  8. Anonymous
    November 21 at 03:09PM

    What is the lenth of the candy kains on the can?would be great to have that. They are a cheep gift to
    Mahe thanks

  9. Anonymous
    December 6 at 02:55PM

    This is impossible been working for hours

  10. July 19 at 01:36PM

    This looks so lovely and it seems so easy to make. I know my daughter would love helping me make a few of these to place around the house. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Patricia
    July 28 at 02:35PM

    I love it hopefully we can make some for Veterans this year for Christmas i need to know what size can did you use so i can get our group to start saving them.

    • Ruth Soukup
      July 28 at 02:58PM

      What a wonderful idea!! I believe it was a 14.5 oz can that I used for this project. 🙂

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