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The Surprising Benefits of Going to Church

Ever feel like life has gotten so chaotic that there’s just no time left for church? Believe it or not, there are some very concrete benefits that you might not have thought of. So while you might think you’re too busy, church might be exactly what your heart needs right now. If you’ve been feeling stressed, don’t miss these 10 reasons to find a place to worship.

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Secrets of Aging Gracefully

Feeling a little depressed about all those candles on your birthday cake? Getting older doesn’t have to be a bad thing! While our bodies might not be quite as taut as they were in our 20’s, with age comes wisdom, and there are plenty of ways we can mature with grace, beauty and joy. Don’t miss these 13 simple ways to ensure YOUR best is yet to come!

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How to Overcome Self Doubt

Want to know how to overcome self doubt? Sometimes defeating the crippling effects of insecurity is as simple as remembering where to put our hands! These three simple hand positions—folded in prayer, outstretched towards others, and clenched to get to work. These are my reminders for when the going gets rough, for when I feel insecure and scared or full of self-doubt.

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Be Bigger Than Your Critics

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt criticized! Whether it is a backhanded complement or a snarky comment online, there will always be people in life who find it easier to tear us down than build us up. But while you can’t always control other people, you do have the power to choose your response. Here’s how to be bigger than your critics!

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